Fil Barlow's 'Zooniverse' returns after 26-year absence

Have you ever met the Zoons? If not, you're missing out.

Zoons is a term used for aliens in the long out-of-print Eclipse Comics series Zooniverse by Fil Barlow. The short-lived comic was published in the mid-'80s, and followed an eclectic group of aliens as they traipse to and fro in a space station known as the Hub. The title showcased Barlow's impressive and exuberant cartooning skills but, for one reason or another, it wasn't able to gain a foothold in the comics market. But now, more than 25 years later, it's coming back.

Barlow is returning to Zooniverse after years working in animation on the likes of Alf, Extreme Ghostbusters, Igor and Tutenstein, re-publishing the long out-of-print original series and selling it on his website, as well as offering various minicomics and primordial versions of the series he created before it made its official debut at Eclipse. Barlow's currently working on new Zooniverse material in both comic and animated form, so 2013 looks to be a great year to be a Zoon (or be a fan of one).

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