Figueroa, Caselli and Raj now Exclusively Devil's Due's

Official Press Release

(January 26, 2005) Chicago, IL ­ Devil's Due has spent the past threeyears focusing on building its administrative staff, but with themachine well oiled and up and running, the company is shifting gearsto secure its top talent. DDP uses mostly freelance creative talent,contracted from project to project, but is breaking that tradition ascolorist Sunder Raj, and pencillers Stefano Caselli and Don Figueroajoin artist Tim Seeley as company's exclusive art talent.

"Stefano and Sunder have given us our own distinct look and feel.People can spot one of our books on a shelf without looking at thetitle because of them," commented Josh Blaylock, President of Devil'sDue Publishing. "This is our way of saying thank you, and letting themknow we want to help their careers grow, as they help US grow."

Caselli's previous work includes runs on Vampirella, Micronauts,Hack/Slash, G.I.Joe: Master and Apprentice, and a regular stintillustrating for Playboy: Italy. Raj is a newcomer who has blazed hisway with a coloring style all his own. Figueroa was the premier artistat Dreamwave Productions, known for his phenomenal art on theTransformers comic books. "Don is a fantastic addition to the staff,"adds Senior Editor Mark Powers. "We're glad to have him on board. It would be a crime for this amazingly talented guy to go even a weekwithout a steady gig lined up."

Stefano Caselli and Sunder Raj's are currently artists for DDP'sAFTERMATH title, DEFEX, written by Marv Wolfman. Check back atwww.devilsdue.net for samples of these artists' work and more!

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