Fighting with Love, DC announces Chaykin's 'Mighty Love'

Today DC Comics officially announced "Mighty Love," a new original 96-page hardcover graphic novel written and illustrated by Howard Chaykin as part of their Vertigo line. "Mighty Love" represents the first extended solo work for Chaykin since the mid-1990s.

"Chaykin's cowritten lots of comics in recent years, like 'Son of Superman' and 'American Century,' but he hasn't had time to draw much because he was working on several TV series," Said DC Comics VP - Executive Editor Mike Carlin in a release. Chakykin has been working on the syndicated television program "Mutant X" since 2001. "When folks see 'Mighty Love,' they're gonna know just how much they missed him. It's Howard's best work since 'American Flagg!' Hollywood's loss is comics' gain!"

"Howard's been a bigger influence on comics than most people realize," added Joey Cavalieri, Chaykin's editor on "Mighty Love" in the release. "He's what comics need more of right now: a strong, recognizable, personal voice."

According to DC, "'Mighty Love' chronicles the adventures of two urban-based super-heroes. By day, they're natural adversaries: Delaney Pope, a beautiful, honest cop, and Lincoln Reinhardt, a crusading public defender. By night, they take on the guises Skylark and Iron Angel - and find themselves clashing over crime-fighting methods, but also strangely attracted to one another."

"Mighty Love" is suggested for mature readers and tentatively scheduled for fall, 2003. For more on this book, check out Newsarama's interview with Chaykin.

Chaykin fans can find his work currently in "American Century" and in the upcoming graphic novel "Barnum," written by Chaykin with David Tischman with art by Niko Herichon, solicited in the March issue of Previews.

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