Fighting Lion Comics Launches at Stan Lee's Comikaze with Two Titles

Official Press Release

Fighting Lion Comics, a new print and web publisher, launches its first title BRIK JONES: ATTORNEY FOR EARTHâ„¢ with a limited edition Ashcan comic book written by Phil Smith (Witchblade: Due Process) and illustrated by Sid Kotian (Pilot Season: Twilight Guardian) at Stan Lee's Comikaze September 15-16.

Brik Jones is a 5 issue comics series that is in the process of becoming a print and web comic. Issues will be sold periodically as assets come to critical mass and are ready to print. The website www.FightingLionComics.com will act as part production blog and part webcomic.

Who is Brik Jones? The character is the Interstellar appointed Attorney for Earth. The Ashcan story, "The Case of Case number 69" is more of a "day in the life" type of story told well after the classic comics style origin story. The Origin Story? That will be forthcoming in future installments via web and print. At this time we are securing an artist for the first 5 issue arc. Sid had time in his schedule between bookings to do this installment for which I am very grateful!

F.L.C. will also be giving away bookmarks and stickers as well as selling a limited edition print of the cover to "The Case of Case Number 69."

Early reviews of Brik Jones:

"Here's a quote from BRIK JONES: ATTORNEY FOR EARTH: 'I just had sex with a giant alien jellyfish.' If that doesn't make you want to read this book, I can't imagine what will. This is science fiction like you've never seen, with one hand on a laser pistol, one hand on the intergalactic law review, and tongue planted firmly in cheek. Phil Smith and Sid Kotian have come up with something clever and original, and executed it uncommon flair. This one will have you saying, 'I want my lawyer!' "

-- Ron Marz (Witchblade, Artifacts, Samurai: Heaven and Earth, Green Lantern)

"Not only is Smith writing about a lawyer, he's made him...wait for it...the good guy. I told you he had imagination."

-- Mark Waid (Daredevil, Luther, The Flash, Kingdom Come)

Fighting Lion Comics will also be promoting a Kickstarter campaign for Human: Oceanic a 160 page, digest sized, Hard cover with dust jacket, Original Graphic Novel written by Phil Smith (Trinity: Blood on the Sands) and illustrated by J.K. Woodward (X-Men Origins:Beast, Peter David's Fallen Angel, and Star Trek/Doctor Who).

What is Human: Oceanic? Human: Oceanic is the story of a future where human experimentation has become accepted by the worlds nations, giving the benefit to some and damning others to a life of forced servitude and torture. Of course it does not stop there. With the doors to Human experimentation blown open the Military Industrial complex initiates a series of trials secretly called "Human: Oceanic." A research project designed to give soldiers on the front lines the ability to predict enemy actions in both hand to hand combat as well as higher level precognitive abilities at the command level. The project has an unintended side effect opening up the subject's consciousness to past and future realities as well as the path of particular lives. The consciousness splinters as the subject's mind travel's various paths into alternate pasts and futures.

Human Oceanic has been coming together for about 10 years...let me explain. In 2001/2002 I met J.K. Woodward via the internet while he was living in Germany. I pitched him an idea for a Science Fiction adventure story. Together we created several comics worth of material that never made it to the market. 10 years in the comics industry later working for different companies (Top Cow, IDW, Marvel, Skybound and others) we are re-editing and re-launching the project with what we've learned in the last 10 years.

F.L.C. will be exhibiting at Stan Lee's Comikaze this weekend at booth #1505

To check out the Kickstarter go to: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1668748627/human-oceanicFor more information on Fighting Lion Comics go to: www.FightingLionComics.comTo follow us on twitter go to: @FightLionCMX


Phil Smith


You can check out a preview of the "Brik Jones" Ashcan right here on CBR, and images from "Human: Oceanic" below.

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