Fighting American Returns with Trailer for New Collected Edition

Titan Comics brought Fighting American back this past October -- on co-creator Joe Simon's birthday, in fact -- with the twist that Fighting American and Speed-Boy found themselves transported from the 1950s to modern times.

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The first collected edition of new material, from writer Gordon Rennie and artist Duke Mighten, is scheduled for release on April 17, and CBR has the first look at Titan's trailer for Fighting American Vol. 1: Brave New World.

Fighting American has one of the more unique back stories of a decades-old superhero character. Captain America co-creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby introduced Fighting American in 1954 at Prize Comics, as a response to Atlas Comics (which eventually evolved into Marvel) brought back Captain America without their involvement.

A new Fighting American series is scheduled to debut in March from Titan, titled Fighting American: The Ties that Bind, written by Rennie and illustrated by Andie Tong. Solicitation text for Fighting American Vol. 1: Brave New World and selected pages follow below.


  • WRITER: Gordon Rennie
  • ARTIST: Duke Mighten and PC De La Fuente
  • COLORIST: Tracey Bailey
  • LETTERER: Simon Bowland
  • EDITOR: David Leach
  • Trade Paperback • 112pp • $16.99 • On sale: April 17, 2018
  • The fantastic return of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's legendary two-fisted superhero, originally created back in 1954!
  • Fighting American, the ultimate icon of truth, justice and the American Way, and his young teenage sidekick, Speedboy, have found themselves marooned in the 21st Century whilst on the trail of a gang of villains plucked from their past by a mysterious villainess known only as Lady Chaos... Now, there’s nothing left for them to do but to bring some much-needed two-fisted justice and home-spun 1950s grit to a modern, media-obsessed, cynical world.
  • This critically-acclaimed, all-new adventure, written by Gordon Rennie (Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper and Missionary Man) and drawn by Duke Mighten (Batman: The Book of Shadows, Accident Man and Doom Force) and PC De La Fuente (Robin, Batgirl), sees the rebirth of a true AMERICAN HERO!

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