Fight the power: Get the women of DC their own logo

So, DC Comics has a new logo for its 75th anniversary, and it features Superman, Batman and ... The Flash and Green Lantern. Not Wonder Woman, the traditional third member of the DC Trinity. Determined to reverse this injustice, the folks at the DC Women Kicking Ass blog are fighting back with a 21st-century weapon, the Internet petition. Sign — well, enter — your name here to ask DC to create a second logo featuring female characters.

Actually, if I were running this campaign, that's the last thing I would want. I would ask them to redesign the original to include Wonder Woman, rather than giving the girls their own logo. But then, if I start thinking about it real hard I'll start worrying about other causes like pay equity or health care and education for girls in developing countries, and I just get all distracted.

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