Fight Hydra with Iron Man in Hong Kong Disneyland's New Motion Ride

“Fly side-by-side with Iron Man! Battle the evil forces of Hydra! Save Hong Kong!" proclaims a promotional video introducing “Marvel’s Iron Man Experience,” the newest motion ride at Hong Kong Disneyland. The two-and-a-half minute teaser walks viewers through the ride and includes appearances by Walt Disney Imagineers Ted Robledo, Steven Spiegel, Patrick Kearny and Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

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According to Executive Story Director Steven Spiegel, the ride's pre-show video takes visitors to the next Stark Expo, which follows the 2010 New York Edition that we saw in “Iron Man 2” and showcases Stark Industries’ latest and greatest products. Passengers then board the Iron Wing, a passenger version of Tony Stark’s armor that seats 45, for a tour of Hong Kong that ends at Stark Tower.

The ride is more than a fly-through. On the way to its destination, the Iron Wing is attacked by Hydra operatives and must battle these villains with the help of the armored Avenger.

As executive Producer Patrick Kearny explains, residents of Hong Kong will get to "see their city in a whole new way," flying alongside Iron Man and taking “part in an adventure he’s going on.”

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Creative Director Ted Robledo calls the ride as an “authentically Iron Man superhero adventure that takes place in a real place.”

“Anybody who goes to… a Disney theme park to begin with loves color, and spectacle, and excitement, and adventure, and that’s all that Iron Man is," Lee adds. "There’s something about Iron Man that fascinates people."

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