Fight crime in this 3D-printable superhero mask

A 3D printing company is getting into the superhero business with a 3D-printed mask that might give you a leg up on those other vigilantes. The files are even available for free download (take that, Lucius Fox).

It's Zortrax's way of promoting 3D printing as a tool for cosplayers, some of whom have already been employing the technology to create Batsuits, Arkham Knight armor and even a functional Hulkbuster. Zortrax's mask, which bears a resemblance to that of Batman and Arkham Knight, is made from 46 3D-printed pieces.

"While thinking over the conception of a cosplay mask, our designer Piotr Czyżewski decided to go classic, but with adding the whole silhouette a modern feel, make it more stylish and edgy," the company explains. "The overall look was based on the interpretation of the gothic designed character that was given the anatomical elements of a spine, creating the impression of a solid shield."

You can download the free 3D printing files from Zortrax's website.

(via 3ders.org)

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