Fifth "Marvels" Trade printing features an all new Alex Ross cover

Greetings, True Believer!

Can you believe we're up to a 5th printing for MARVELS? Believe it. The acclaimed saga by writer Kurt Busiek and painter Alex Ross not only garnered glowing reviews, but also made us look at our costumed champions in a new light, reminding us how truly special they are.

So to commemorate the occasion of four sold-out editions -- and to celebrate the fun awaiting a whole new wave of readers -- Ben Abernathy, Marvel's Manager of Special Projects, asked Alex to paint a new cover for this special story... and as always, Alex delivered in style!

"It was a tough decision to replace Alex's classic Giant-Man cover, but we decided -- with Marvel pumping new life into their reprint program -- that it was time for a bit of a facelift for this epic," Ben explained. "Alex has outdone himself with this amazing Spider-Man cover, capturing every nuance of the characeter and the scope of the book. Pick it up again, for the first time!"

Without further ado, here's the new cover! Look for the new printing to hit comics shops and bookstores near you in August!

'Nuff Said!

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

Marvel Comics

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