Fifth 'Indiana Jones' Film at Least Two Years Away

The next time Indiana Jones cracks his whip on the big-screen, it'll happen under the guidance of Mickey Mouse.

Walt Disney Studios acquired the rights for all future Indiana Jones films earlier in the month, indicating the studio's interest in making a fifth film starring the adventuring archeologist. But Disney doesn't have anything on the front-burner at the moment, as the studio's chairman Alan Horn told Variety that a new Indiana Jones is "at least two to three years" away.

"We haven't done anything," he said about Disney's progress on a fifth Indiana Jones. "We don't have a story. We need a story."

Disney acquired Lucasfilm in late 2012, but didn't own the rights to future Indiana Jones movies until earlier this month. As such, the studio didn't move forward with any development plans until it fully owned the Indy rights.

"It didn't make sense to produce the movie at Disney," said Horn, "and then have it be distributed and marketed by Paramount."

Still, if Disney hopes to make a new Indiana Jones starring the man who made the role famous, they best move quick: Harrison Ford is a lot of things, but "getting younger" isn't one of them.

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