<i>Fifth Element</i>'s Creator Goes For The Heart - But Not As You'd Expect

Has Luc Besson gone soft? Sure, he may be producing a revenge thriller starring Star Trek's Zoe Saldana and space jail movie The Lock Out, but what the La Femme Nikita, The Professional and The Fifth Element director really wants to do is... make a love story?

I like a good love story as much as the next guy - Okay, probably more - but I can't help but read that Besson has his heart set on directing a romance he's co-written and wonder when the other shoe is going to drop. One of the lovers is a mentally-scarred killer, right? Or an alien breaking all the rules by falling for a human? Surely there's got to be more to it than just a straightforward love story, especially when you discover that his co-writer for the project is the man behind Enemy of The State and Live Free or Die Hard.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Besson wants to begin shooting the movie in September, in both London and Paris. Even if he doesn't blow up either Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower (or both), color me curious - after all, love can be as explosive as the most powerful raygun*.

(* - Luc, if you want to use that as the tagline, I'll offer you a great deal on the exclusive rights.)

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