Fifth annual Stumptown Comics Fest exhibitor space sells out

Official Press Release

The Stumptown Comics Fest is thrilled to announce that, due to tremendous demand, all exhibitor spaces are sold out! This is a completely unprecedented event in the history of the Fest; never has it sold out so early, much less after only two months. The flurry of registrations received in the week leading up to the Early-Bird Deadline on February 29th means that, with nearly two months to go before the fifth annual Fest's doors open, it is our bittersweet duty to announce that exhibitor registrations are now closed.

Hopeful exhibitors are heartily encouraged to join the waiting list. Any spaces that open up will be filled as soon as possible, and registration fees are not required until tables are secured. More details are available at the official website: www.stumptowncomics.com. In the face of such growth, next year we're clearly going to need a bigger boat.

The overwhelming interest in the Fest promises buzz galore, and all eyes will be on the Stumptown 2008 Trophy Awards the Saturday evening of the show. A lively ceremony will be held at Portland's Cosmic Monkey Comics, and exhibitors are encouraged to apply pronto! The categories are DIY, Design, Debut, Writing, Art, and Mystery, and submissions guidelines are available at www.stumptowncomics.com/awards. Nominations close at midnight on April 20th.

We're pleased to announce that our latest confirmed special guest is esteemed Eisner Award-winner Gene Yang, creator of American Born Chinese. With such special guests as Brian Michael Bendis, Nicholas Gurewitch, Scott McCloud, Tara McPherson, Steve Lieber, Derek Kirk Kim, Raina Telgemeier, Jim Valentino, Larry Marder, Dave Roman, and our Special Guest of Honor Mike Richardson, anticipation for the Fest will only build. A complete list of exhibitors-including excellent comics-related nonprofits-is now available on our website, as are files of the fantastic 2008 poster by special guest Craig Thompson and designer Mike King.

As if all this weren't enough, remember that we're up to something both awesome and secret for the entire month of April. It'll be big, so stay tuned!

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