Fiddler's Green, a "Sandman" Convention, announces new guests

Official Press Release

Fiddler's Green, A Sandman Convention, is pleased to announce thatKaren Berger, Todd Klein, Charles Vess and Caitlin Kiernan will joinNeil Gaiman as Guests of Honor for the convention.

Karen Berger is currently a Vice President of DC Comics and ExecutiveEditor of their Vertigo line. She is recognized as an eminent,groundbreaking editor in the comics industry who has consistentlyrecruited innovative writers and artists and nurtured original newstory lines. She is principally responsible for the creation of DC'sVertigo line, and for hiring Neil Gaiman to write its flagship title,THE SANDMAN. As editor of THE SANDMAN and other titles, she is amultiple-times winner of the Eisner award for Best Editor.

Todd Klein was the letterer for the entire run of SANDMAN (except fora handful of issues), designing expressive and evocative fonts for thefull range of characters. He has also collaborated with Neil Gaiman onseveral other projects, including BOOKS OF MAGIC, THE LAST TEMPTATION,and 1602. He is a multiple-times winner of both the Eisner and Harveyawards, as well as others.

Charles Vess was the artist for both Shakespeare SANDMAN stories (theWorld Fantasy Award-winning #19 "A Midsummer Night's Dream", andEisner Award-winning #75 "The Tempest"), and has since collaboratedwith Neil Gaiman on a variety of other projects, including BOOKS OFMAGIC, BALLADS & SAGAS, and STARDUST. He also won the World FantasyAward for Best Artist.

Caitlin Kiernan was the regular author for Vertigo's THE DREAMING from1998 to 2001, was a contributing author to THE SANDMAN: BOOK OFDREAMS, and is the creator of THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE DEATH and BAST:ETERNITY GAME. She is a multiple-times winner of awards from theInternational Horror Guild, and was awarded the Barnes and NobleMaiden Voyage award. She is also published in scientific journals onthe subject of vertebrate paleontology.

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