Fialkov's "Tumor" Lands Indie Movie Deal

The weaker box office performances of non-marquee comics like "Jonah Hex" and "Scott Pilgrim" this year may have some big studios leaning off of the cult comics beat for a while, but smaller production houses may not shy away so quickly as one has just put the Archaia graphic novel "Tumor" on the path towards the silver screen.

"Variety" is reporting on the establishment of Red Crown Prods. - a new independent outfit run by "The Kids Are All Right" producer Daniela Taplin Lundberg and former theater chain CEO/"Motherhood" producer Daniel Crown - which will kick off its slate of indie-to-studio films with a take on the Joshua Hale Fialkov and Noel Tuazon graphic novel as produced by "Life As We Know Its" Barry Josephson and directed by "Nightmare on Elm Street" remake helmer Sam Bayer. The purpose of Red Crown is to get the creative and financial production ball rolling on such projects before partnering with big studios for a wide release.

Released in 2009 both in print and on Amazon's Kindle, "Tumor" was described to CBR by its writer as "a Los Angeles Noir about a man who's past his usefulness in the world, getting a shot to prove himself useful one last time." The comic's protagonist Frank Armstrong is fairly certain he's going to die from a recently diagnosed brain tumor when a local mob boss calls in a "favor."

"Frank's an anachronism, just like so much of the city of Los Angeles is. So, when he's given a case to handle that's actually meaningful, he throws himself into it whole hog. Of course, that's when the tumor in his head causes the very first seizure. So, now, Frank's got to find this missing girl and bring her to safety all while dealing with the side effects of having a brain tumor. Plus, having all of those side effects and being so close to death brings out a lot of old memories and things that Frank's spent much of his life running away from, and forces him to confront them all head on," Fialkov explained.

For more on this story, check out "Variety" and for more on the future of "Tumor's" film chances and all the comics-to-Hollywood news you can take, stay tuned to CBR as well as Spinoff Online.

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