Fialkov Brings Spidey's Sidekick to Pittsburgh in "Alpha"

In "Amazing Spider-Man" #692, Marvel Comics introduced Andy Maguire, a modern kid who became the subject of a scientific accident in much the same way Peter Parker gained his spider-powers. Adopting the name Alpha, Andy displayed a vast array of superhuman abilities, but while Alpha had all the power, he had none of the sense of responsibility that makes Spider-Man unique. After becoming a superhero-in-training with Spider-Man as his mentor, Andy was depowered a few issues later. However, his time with Spider-Man isn't over. USA Today revealed that Alpha will receive his own miniseries at the hands of writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Nuno Plati in February that takes the depowered hero to Pittsburgh, PA and explores how he begins to regain some of his lost abilities.

"He was a freak and then he became famous, and now he's infamous and powerless essentially as far as the world knows," Fialkov told USA Today. "He's that creepy kid who used to be on a sitcom when he was 5."

According to Fialkov, much of the series will involve Alpha gaining his powers back, but he has to figure out a way to use them right.
"It's a classic Marvel situation where you've got a kid with power who is making some wrong decisions," Marvel editor Stephen Wacker said. "That's an inherently dramatic story, watching someone screw up and learning along with them and seeing how they change."

USA Today further notes that Alpha's relationship with Spider-Man will change in "Amazing Spider-Man" #700, the final issue of the series that leads in to "Superior Spider-Man" #1 in January. Fialkov and Plati's miniseries spins directly out of the events of "Amazing" #700.

"Alpha" #1 hits stores in February.

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