FF2's Tim Story To Direct "The Losers"

Variety is reporting that Director Tim Story, the man behind the lens for the "Fantastic Four" features, will next turn his attention to Andy Diggle's crime/espionage thriller "The Losers" for Warner Bros. Screenwriter Jamie Vanderbilt has been hired to adapt the comic, working from a first draft by Peter Berg.

Berg and Weed Road's Akiva Goldsman and Kerry Foster are producing. Also producing is Sarah Aubrey, Berg's partner at Film 44, and John Cameron, who brought the project to Film 44.

"The Losers" was originally published by DC Comics in the 1970s, but didn't enjoy major success until Diggle and artist Jock revived the series in 2003. In an interview that same year, Diggle told CBR News, "The Losers were a covert U.S. Special Forces unit seconded to the CIA. When they stumbled across one of the Agency's dirty little secrets and refused to play ball, the Agency had them assassinated. Except the Losers survived. Now they've gone rogue, and have declared war on the Agency which stabbed them in the back."

According to Variety, the film will center around a group of elite and highly trained commandoes set up to be killed by their government. The team sets out to right that wrong as well as other injustices and will be set in the present day.

"I'm a big fan of the edge of war movies like 'Black Hawk Down' or 'Band of Brothers,' and this has some of that. I was looking for a vehicle that would have that edge, but I didn't want to lose my personality, which is a bit tongue-and-cheek, where the characters have a little fun with each other," Story toldVariety.

For more on "The Losers," don't miss our interviews with Diggle and Jock.

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