FF2, Speed Racer, Heroes, The Boys: April 13th Comic Reel Wrap


There's an interesting rumor at Ain't It Cool News claiming that the voice of Galactus will be provided by "Matrix" star Laurence Fishburne.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, actress Christina Ricci has joined the Emile Hirsch-fueled anime adaptation.


There's a new preview of the next episode available right here at CBR.


There's a note about possible involvement with Simon Pegg on the Wildstorm property, also here at CBR.


Comics2Film has an interview with co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti about working on the new Sci Fi Network series. "I am writing it and Paul Ziller is going to be the director," Palmiotti said. "Paul is an amazing talent and understands the script, I think, better than anyone. I have been in pre production all this week with him and will be shadowing him on set for the episode. I am very excited to be able to learn what I can from him and try to make this a great episode."


Actress Halle Berry is quoted at Cinematical as saying she will not reprise her role as Catwoman for any proposed "Justice League" film. "No, no! You guys didn't like Catwoman the first time, and I'm not a masochist," said Berry. "I love it [playing Catwoman], but my ego is in check, and I'm not just gonna do it for the sake of, you know, doing it for myself. I make movies for people, and if people don't really want to see that, then I wouldn't make the same mistake twice, obviously. I wouldn't choose to do that."


You can find a few new stills from the production at Comingsoon.net.


Has filming already started? A spy report at Superhero Hype thinks so. "On my way to take my wife to work today I noticed a lot of film trucks, when I picked her up the full crew was out shooting some night shots," their scooper wrote. "I could not see exactly what they were filming, SO I CAN NOT GUARANTEE that the filming was in fact for 'Batman.' The filming was taking place in a part of town that used to be rundown, but is now pretty trendy. Still it has its share of empty lost, one of which was being filmed at tonight. Anyway, I was unable to get any pictures (forgot to grab my camera), but I will try. Also, the filming was going on at Taylor and Loomis on the UIC campus for anyone else who wants to try and get a peek."


IGN has production stills of the Neil Gaiman adaptation as well.


The network released some new spoilers that are available at Kryptonsite, regarding the last three episodes of the season. They also have screen captures for the April 19th episode "Progeny."


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