FF2, Iron Man, Ronin, Them: June 5th Comic Reel Wrap


There's a less-than-solemn video clip from an interview with cast members on YouTube ...


Despite the story from Film Music Weekly magazine (PDF), Superhero Hype reports that no composer has been selected for the Jon Favreau-led Marvel movie.


UGO's Daniel Robert Epstein wrote in to point out an interview with director Sylvain White, who talked a little about bringing the early Frank Miller masterpiece to the silver screen. "I probably first read the graphic novel in 1987, when I lived in France," White said, "where I was born and raised. I grew up reading a lot of European graphic novels. I didn't really like American superhero comic books. But fortunately Frank Miller's work, specifically on Ronin, had more of a European sensibility and was very dark and very cerebral. I liked that very much. I probably read it a second time when I was in college and then it came to me as a project set up by the producers ... We're developing it now and just getting it ready. It's taking up most of my time. 'Ronin' is my firm next project."


Comics2Film has an interview with producer David Engel about adapting Michael Oeming's original graphic novel "Six" for the small screen. "It was difficult to translate 'SIX' into a television series so we ended up just following whatever path the core concept of the book lead us down," Engel said. "Conceptually, the show is about an alien who discovers what it means to be human and fall in love. Fox has been a great place to develop a show; they believe in the creative team and the source material and have been a supportive partner. John McNamara ('The Fugitive') and David Eick ('Battlestar Galactica') wrote the show. Mike Oeming, and co-creator Dan Berman, have been in communication with John, David and Jonathan Mostow, the director, during the entire process. The DNA of the TV series remains true to the graphic novel. Any changes were as a result of translating from one media to another."


Superhero Hype also has a high resolution image of the Mach 5 that will be used in the film, as well as the official press release about the project.


Heading down to San Diego this year? Well, this Comic Reel reporter will miss it, but if you want to know what movies will be featured there, Comic-Con released its programming guide and has a preliminary list of what you'll see. "'Alien vs. Predator 2: No Peace On Earth,' 'American Gangster,' 'Babylon AD,' 'Balls of Fury,' 'Beowulf,' 'The Bourne Ultimatum,' 'Coraline,' 'Fred Claus,' 'Get Smart,' 'The Golden Compass,' 'Hellboy 2: The Golden Army,' 'I Am Legend,' 'The Incredible Hulk,' 'Indiana Jones 4,' 'Invasion,' 'Iron Man,' 'National Treasure 2,' 'Resident Evil: Extinction,' 'Speed Racer,' 'The Strangers,' 'Stardust,' 'Star Trek XI,' 'Sunshine,' 'Sweeney Todd,' '30 Days of Night,' 'Trick 'r Treat,' 'Wanted,' 'Where The Wild Things Are,' [and] 'White Out.'"


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