FF2, Hellboy 2, The Dark Knight, Heroes: April 18th Comic Reel Wrap


There's a rumor over at Ain't It Cool News that has many fans in an uproar. "Wanted to let you know what Galactus is going to look like / be represented as in the FF2 sequel: A storm cloud. Yep. That's it. That's the solution from the creatives."


Speaking of Galactus, the man who plays his herald, actor Doug Jones was interviewed by IESB when he attended the Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit, discussing his time as both Norrin Radd and Abe Sapien.


When the Bat is in the Windy City, the fans come out in force, as can be seen from two new sets of photos in set reports, courtesy of scoopers at Superhero Hype.


We've got new video previews for the next episode, ".07%", right here at CBR.


CBR also has an interview with co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti about the new Sci Fi Network series.


Back to IESB, they have a video interview where she briefly updates what's happening with the Greg Rucka adaptation.


Speaking of Beckinsale, the Daily Express has been circulating scuttlebutt that the actress is a contender to revisit the role made famous by Jane Fonda.


Actress Eva Marie Saint talked to the Superman Homepage about returning as Martha Kent in the sequel. "Ms. Saint revealed that she is indeed signed on for the 'Superman Returns' sequel, but does not know who the main villain will be. There have only been limited talks about what Martha Kent will be doing in the sequel, although she believes that it may involve Ma Kent meeting Lois and Jason."


Actor Thomas Jane was interviewed by Advanced Dark, and talked a little bit about when he expects to load up again. "The problem has always been getting a decent script," Jane said. "We actually have a script that's being turned in this week and we all have our fingers crossed, you know? We'd love to do it. Everybody wants to do it, but we all want to make a good movie. It starts with the script. We've gotta get a good script, and then we'll be ready to rock. The plan is to start the 'Punisher 2' in June; of course, I think I said that last year, too."


Reel Chicago reports that the Mark Millar production will return to Chi-Town for two weeks in August. Meanwhile, The Czech FIlm Commission notes that Wanted is shooting in Prague with a crew of 300 to 400 people and an alleged budget of $50 million. They also claim that actor Morgan Freeman will be in Prague for two months.


The final standee poster is viewable at Superhero Hype, taking images from previous posters and adding a human element.


Two new international spots have popped up on the web, as have on set video interviews with the cast and crew (again from IESB, who stayed busy today). Finally, IGN has a Behind the scenes look at the making of digital characters, as well as seven new film clips from the movie itself.


Kryptonsite has some promotional images of the May 3rd episode, "Noir" showing the cast kicking it old school.


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