FF2, 300, Heroes, Ghost Rider: February 20th Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Ioan Gruffudd talked to Comingsoon.net about settling in to being Mister Fantastic. "There's two years that's evolved in our lives as actors so I guess yes, time has passed, and we're now established firmly as the Fantastic Four in everybody's consciousness," Gruffudd said. "We can't walk down the street without being followed by paparazzi, so we're really embracing the fact that these guys don't have their anonymity. They live amongst us in New York City, and they start to question that. Do they really want to live this life and have this pressure of being super heroes or would they like to live a life of solitude out in the countryside somewhere? So they grapple with that."


You can find nine new clips from the epic Frank Miller adaptation at Movies.com.


If you wanna get into the minds of the writers, you've gotta check out our weekly behind-the-scenes feature. Meanwhile, Herosite has a spoiler about the relationship between HRG and the Haitian, while Sci-Fi.com has quotes from the HRG actor Jack Coleman about what the character has in store. "Any allegiance on this show is subject to change," Coleman said. "Certainly, the relationship between H.R.G. and Claire has been very strained lately. In episode 17 ('Company Man,' airing Feb. 26), there is a crisis situation that brings it to a head and possibly a temporary resolution. But I suspect the relationship between Claire and H.R.G. is one of the core values, so to speak, of this show. As twisted as the relationship is, they've said so many lies to each other, but ultimately I think they do really love each other, and there is a tremendous bond there. It's one of the bedrocks they build story on, so I can't imagine they will be at each other's throats and trying to kill each other. I think it's much more of a domestic issue rather than a superhero issue."


Nicolas Cage rode the Marvel adaptation to a box-office record, taking in $51.5 million dollars, according to Comingsoon.net.


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