10 Gifts Every Female Fan Of Superheroes Would Love

There are a variety of comic books, television shows and films that are centered around superheroes, and this particular gift guide is going to focus on products for fans of all the female superheroes.

From toys inspired by X-Men and caped crusaders to clothing items featuring iconic emblems and from hit DVDs to home decorations that show off this passion and this geekdom, all of the ideas that are on this list would surely please any fan out there who looks up to superheroes (specifically the women!) and any fan out there who wishes that he/she was a superhero.

10 The Big Book of Girl Power


This picture book shows off the classic art style seen in DC Comics and explains why characters like Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl are such excellent role models.

The stories and the information found here detail how telling the truth, using specific skills, speaking out, overcoming fears and banding together with other leading ladies can be life-changing, making this a great read for fans of all ages! Young readers and even adults with memorabilia collections can turn to this big book for a big dose of inspiration that is centered around girl power.

9 Wonder Woman: Winter Wonder-land Knitted Christmas Sweater


Tacky sweaters are all the rage during the holiday season, so keep this next item in mind when shopping for a gift to go under the tree… This knitted sweater is comfy, is stretchy and is the perfect tribute to Wonder Woman!

It may not be as strong as her armor, but it is the most festive way to celebrate, all while showing off a love for this brave and beautiful hero. Plus, when someone shows up to a themed party in this particular piece, they will definitely be the shining star of the evening, just like Diana Prince would be.

8 Captain Marvel 4K Blu-Ray Steelbook


Carol Danvers is a character who is portrayed by actress Brie Larson. She is an Air Force pilot who is involved in a freak accident, too. She then obtains superpowers.

Oh, yes, she is also Captain Marvel, and her story can be watched and rewatched with this gift! The SteelBook version of this superhero flick is a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, and it includes a digital copy, as well. Plus, when folded out like this, it will look super cool placed amongst other pieces that show off a fan’s interest in superheroes and their adventures.

7 It Was Never A Dress T-Shirt


Tees make great gifts for anyone and everyone, and this one right here would look fab on a daughter, mom, grandmother, sister, aunt, bestie, roomie… Any female who looks up to other female heroes! It has a lightweight and classic fit, with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. It comes in a variety of colors, including black, navy, silver, pink and dark heather.

It tells the world that the familiar “female” symbol is actually not a dress but a cape. If anyone is looking for a general superhero gift (rather than one that focuses on a particular character), consider this shirt.

6 Funko Pop! Marvel: Dark Phoenix


Something else that many superhero fans will enjoy receiving is a Funko Pop figurine or two or three or eight...like this Dark Phoenix one! Dark Phoenix, who is also known as Jean Grey, is from the X-Men franchise, and recently, she got her own film; it starred Sophie Turner (popular for playing Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones), and it has led to many more people showing an interest in this hero.

That being said, this awesome figure would make a fun toy for a young fan or a neat addition to an older fan’s collection of memorabilia.

5 Funko Pop! 8-BIT Batgirl


This list could go on and on, detailing lots of different Funko Pop gift ideas, but just a couple of more will be included here today; this 8-bit version is a stand-out piece that true comic book lovers need.

It showcases Batgirl, she is wearing an exclusive purple suit, and she has a pixelated look, which is super cool! Throw this in a stocking at Christmastime, wrap it up for someone’s birthday, bring it to an office party, give it as a “just because” gift, or surprise a favorite fan with this mini Batgirl action figure.

4 The Woman Called Storm T-Shirt


Another T-shirt that is centered around another popular character is this one; it is an official piece of Marvel merchandise, as it depicts Storm from X-Men.

While this tee is durable and soft, one of the best aspects about it is all of the options: it comes in sizes for men, women and kids, as well as in colors like navy, asphalt, royal blue, purple and even silver (which is fitting for this female hero). The comic book-style graphic on the front will stand out, telling the world and reminding everyone just how super this woman is.

3 8 Inch Action Figure: Mary Marvel


From DC Comics’ Shazam Series comes Mary Marvel - a female superhero with a classic look and who comes in this terrific box. This piece has a retro look and feel to it, but it is just a doll, after all, which means it can work for a variety of fans.

Kids can pretend to fly her around, as she battles the bad guys, while others may choose to leave her unwrapped and unopened, displayed on a shelf around branded lunch boxes, posters, action figures and other collector’s items. Yes, this is a thoughtful gift option that many would appreciate receiving.

2 Metal Superwoman Bookend


Superheroes can fight crime, protect citizens and save the planet, but they can also add whimsical touches to homes, like with this bookend! This is another piece that would work for any fan, as it does not show off a specific character; it just has the outline of a flying female hero, and she appears to be holding up all the weight of all of these books.

This durable and dramatic product would look great in a home office, a bedroom, a dorm room, a cubicle or in the living room, to hold up that fantastic collection of superhero flicks.

1 Funko Pop Marvel: Black Widow


Okay, there is one more Funko Pop figure to show off here today, and it is inspired by Marvel, which some may say is the leader when it comes to superheroes. This is not just

an ordinary collectible, though.

First off, it depicts Black Widow, a smart and sassy woman who many people adore. And secondly, it comes in a gold chrome color! Imagine how this would pop when displayed with other grand superhero pieces… Yes, this is definitely an item to consider buying, whether shopping for a friend, a celebration or a personal collection.

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