DC Returns to Apokolips With Female Furies Miniseries


DC will explore an untold power struggle from the early days of Apokolips in a new miniseries starring Granny Goodness and Big Barda.

Debuting in February, the six-issue Female Furies is written by Cecil Castellucci (Shade, the Changing Girl) and illustrated by Adriana Melo (Plastic Man). The story sees Granny lead the Furies in their own bid against Darkseid to rule Apokolips in a previously unknown chapter of the New Gods' history. Interior art by Melo and the cover for the first issue by Mitch Gerads is below.

"Female Furies takes place smack in the middle of Jack Kirby’s original Fourth World," Castellucci said in a statement. "If you know Kirby’s New Gods well you’ll have a familiar understanding of the key players and their motivations. However, you don’t need prior knowledge of Apokolips to enter this story; just remember that there are often terrible people in power…and then there are the people who are being held down by them."

"My best advice going into Female Furies? Remember the classic phrase ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,'" continued Castellucci. "Jack Kirby’s over-the-top type of comic book characters are like our modern-day myths and fairy tales. They’re flexible and able to withstand different kinds of interpretations of their story. In fact, shaking it up actually enriches and deepens those characters. Just as the Furies and Granny are more complex in my story, so are Darkseid and his Elite. Darkseid and his henchmen can withstand a little harsh light shed on them."

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Written by Cecil Castellucci and illustrated by Adriana Melo, Female Furies #1 arrives Feb. 6 from DC.

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