Feige Talks Contracts, Death and If Marvel's Movies Will Take a "Dark Turn"

UPDATE (5/8/15 6:02 AM PDT): Reddit user JonLuca, who originally reported on the Q&A, has clarified that Feige was not referring to his contract when talking about a renewal, but rather unnamed actors who have had their contracts renewed.

With "Avengers: Age of Ultron" in theaters, production on "Captain America: Civil War" now underway and films plotted out through 2019, the Marvel Cinematic Universe shows no signs of slowing down. In a question and answer session posted to Reddit, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed that he's sticking around. Feige, who has been a key part of Marvel's movies since even before the launch of the MCU with 2008's "Iron Man," revealed in a talk at the University of Southern California that his contract with the company has been renewed, although no further specifics were given.

Along with his renewed contract, Feige -- an alumnus of the University of Southern California -- discussed a number of other topics to the students of Leonard Maltin's Film Symposium class. Reddit user JonLuca took notes on the talk and reported back, giving Marvel movie fans more insight into how the cinematic universe works.

Feige revealed a few "Age of Ultron" tidbits, so spoilers if you haven't seen the film yet. He said that he wanted to include Africa in the film in order to set up Wakanda and Black Panther, that he knew Quicksilver would die as early as the filming of the first "Avengers" film, that Scarlet Witch and Vision would share a "moment" and that Loki's scepter actually contained the Mind Stone. Feige and filmmaker Joss Whedon also revealed that they have always viewed Black Widow and Hawkeye as platonic friends and wanted to make that clearer in "Age of Ultron."

On the topic of Quiksilver, Feige made it clear that -- unlike Agent Coulson -- Pietro Maximoff is dead. The Marvel Studios head stressed that there are no plans to bring him back and no retcon or Life Model Decoy in sight.

"Civil War" came up in relation to one of Feige's favorite scenes that was originally intended to be included in "Age of Ultron." Feige said the scene did not fit the "vibe" of "Ultron" so it has been bumped to "Civil War," a decision Feige and Whedon both agreed on.

Looking further into the future after "Avengers: Infinity War Part 2," the last slated "Avengers" film, Feige said that characters will continue, but that it's unknown whether they will continue with the current actors. The report states that "absolutely nothing set in stone."

On the subject of the Marvel One-Shots, the series of short-films that were included on some of the home video releases for the films in Marvel's Phase One and Two films, Feige stated that there are "no active plans for the One-Shots to return, unfortunately." He added that if a good idea comes up, they're not opposed to doing another one.

Lastly, Feige clarified that he has no intention to ever take a "dark turn" in the MCU. He wanted to make this point clear as he stated that fans approach him consistently asking him when the Marvel movies will go "dark." He stated that even though trailers may feel ominous, the movies will not have that feel and will retain their trademark sense of humor. The report states that "the humor is in the DNA of the movies, there are no plans to change that."

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