Fear The Walking Dead Star Talks Major Midseason Finale Surprise

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead's midseason finale.

In its jaw-dropping midseason finale, AMC Fear The Walking Dead said goodbye to another goodbye core member of the cast.

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After sitting out the present-day timeline for the first half of Season 4, Kim Dickens' Madison Clark was revealed to have died saving her children and the other of the survivors in the Diamond community. June 10's “No One’s Gone” saw Madison go down in a blaze of glory during an attack of the villainous Vultures. Reflecting on her four-season stint on the show, Dickens admitted to Entertainment Weekly that she is gutted to be leaving Fear.

"Obviously it was shocking to me and it was disappointing," she said. "It was heartbreaking. I have loved this character, I’ve loved playing this character, I’ve loved this show, and I’m so proud to have been a strong female empowered lead of a genre show."

Speaking about the importance of playing Fear The Walking Dead's lead character, Dickens continued, "They’re usually led by male leads, and it was just such an honor to have this special experience of being that lead female calling the shots." She went on to say how playing Madison was a role that she will never forger. "I’m not in my 20s or not in my 30s, mind you. She was a mother too — a mother who was ferocious, and I just thought it was just such an honor to get to play her."

AMC's world of The Walking Dead has become known for its spectacular midseason finales. However, Fear The Walking Dead pulled the rug out from under its fans. Although it was hinted at all season that Madison may have already perished, many viewers hoped for some of that classic The Walking Dead misdirection. Sadly, Madison was doomed to meet the same fate of characters like Liza, Travis and even her own son.

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Sacrifice has been a big theme of Season 4, with new showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg having ultimately sacrificed two of their biggest characters. It may have been a brave decision to kill off two-thirds of the Clark family in the space of just eight episodes, but as Game of Thrones has shown with the Starks, the show must go on. Looking ahead, Alycia Debnam-Carey's Alicia is now the only surviving member of Fear The Walking Dead's Clark family. Dickens went on to reveal that even she doesn't know what happens next.

"I think it is a bold move and they had the courage to do that and the vision to do that, but it certainly sends it into a spin," she said. "I don’t know what the second half of the season entails. I haven’t seen any of the scripts even. I’m still super-close to my castmates and everything. We’re all really tight, but I haven’t really heard anything about what’s going to happen on the show. It’ll be interesting to see. And it will be a void.

With the show already being rocked by the departure of Frank Dillane as Nick Clark, Alicia faces an uncertain future after the loss of her mom as well. Either way, Fear The Walking Dead has lived up to its own promises to reinvent itself and raise the bar higher for season 4. Find out the aftermath of Madison's death when Fear The Walking Dead returns on Aug. 12.

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