"Fear the Walking Dead" Star Colman Domingo Says Emotional S2 Scripts Made Him Cry

Having joined the "Fear the Walking Dead" cast as a regular for the upcoming Season 2, star Colman Domingo (Victor Strand) has opened up about the next installment of AMC's hit spin-off series, saying it picks up the pacing of Season 1, and amps up the emotional impact.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Domingo addressed the criticisms of Season 1's slow pacing, saying the show will definitely move faster in Season 2: "We have a whole lot of new characters coming in, a lot of guests. And also, I know that the biggest comment of last season was that the pacing was very slow because it was building character and relationships and family. But now, when I tell you it is amped up, every episode is epic. I swear to you. Every time I open up an episode, I'm like, 'Are you kidding? Are we going to do all that? We're going to shoot all that in eight days?' There's so much going on, because here we are in the middle of this apocalypse, and we've got to go. It's go, go, go, go, go, go, and there are enormous changes and shifts in character, personality, very quickly."

Domingo went on to call the upcoming season incredibly "emotional," revealing that reading one of the Season 2 scripts on a plane forced him into tears. "So, people's heads are going to spin," Domingo teased. "And the way the episodes are written, they're very emotional, because you really are dealing with the challenges of who we are as humans as we deal with an apocalypse. And honestly, I was on a plane once [reading a script], I think it was episode 2, where I actually had to turn to the side because I was sobbing because it was that emotional. So, I think they are raising the bar, again. That was the attempt with everything - with location, with casting, etcetera. We're just taking it up a notch."

The actor went on to describe the growing difference between "The Walking Dead" and his spin-off, saying class and social status play a big part in the upcoming season's themes: "I love that what [co-creator] Dave Erickson was very interested in with this series is dealing with class. Because we're not waking up in Rick Grimes' territory. We're still dealing with who we are, and Victor Strand holds the keys in many ways. Here's this wealthy man, and they're on his boat, and then there are going to be challenges in whether or not he can still maintain that level. Because this is his, and he's owning these things, but also the rules have shifted. And so, there is no class anymore. But do people know that? They're still dealing with the old rules. So, there are a lot of challenges in that way, and that's going to be exciting for people to figure out."

"Fear the Walking Dead" Season 2 premieres Sunday, April 10, on AMC.

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