Fear The Walking Dead Excl. Clip: Medical Emergency in Season Premiere

Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday for the two-hour premiere of season three, and CBR has an exclusive clip from the episode's second half -- which sees Strand (Colman Domingo), still in Mexico and in the uncomfortable position of helping a woman going into labor, despite his lack of credentials and suggestion to "let nature take its course."

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Showrunner Dave Erickson told Entertainment Weekly that season three of Fear The Walking Dead sees "Strand going back in the con man mode," but it doesn't look like that's working out too well for him in this scene. While fans will have to wait until Sunday to see how he gets out of this one, CBR talked to Erickson about what to expect from season three (look for the full interview tomorrow on CBR).

"The plan, in terms of construction, is to take things to a very dark place around mid-season and then struggle for some hope by the end," Erickson told CBR. "I agree that, at a certain point, if you are watching something in which hopelessness prevails, it becomes difficult to sustain. We ended last season with the death of Chris and the impact that had on Travis. That carries into this season."

Fear The Walking Dead started in 2015 as a west coast-based spinoff of the massive global hit The Walking Dead, but unlike that show, it features characters and storylines new and separate from the long-running Image Comics series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. The two-hour third season premiere airs 9 p.m. on Sunday, June 4.

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