"Fear the Walking Dead" Scares Up a New Photo, Details for the Series' Return

New details have emerged about the season two return of AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead." The mid-season finale ended with several of the show's main characters scattered to the wind -- and now we know that the second half of season two will see how those characters cope while separated from one another.

"The big question for the back half [of season 2] is when and how will the family reunite?" Said showrunner Dave Erickson in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "The interesting thing will be watching them splinter off in multiple directions and seeing how each group can survive and what they do to find their place in the apocalypse."

The interview casts a focus on Nick, the former drug addict in search of spiritual understanding. The last time we saw Nick he had turned his nose up at his mother and sister, opting instead to walk among the dead.

According to Erickson, the second half of season two will see Nick searching for those who view the dead in a similar light: not as a danger, but as a spiritual extension of themselves. Nick's trials are hinted at in a photo that came with the season two revelations. Of course, the show has the words "Walking Dead" in the title, so relief is bound to be fleeting and ennui all but ensured.

"Fear the Walking Dead" is the TV prequel to the comic book series "The Walking Dead" by Robert Kirkman. While "The Walking Dead" begins in the heart of the zombie apocalypse, "Fear the Walking Dead" follows one Los Angeles family through the early days of civilization's undead downfall.

"Fear the Walking Dead" returns to AMC on August 21, 2016.

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