"Fear the Walking Dead" Promises "No Safe Harbor" in Season 2 Poster

AMC has debuted a foreboding new poster for "Fear the Walking Dead" that promises "No Safe Harbor" in the second season as the action heads out to sea.

With the teaser comes assurances from showrunner Dave Erickson from the change in setting -- from the chaos of Los Angeles to a yacht, called The Abigail -- doesn't mean the horror drama is becoming "'The Love Boat' with zombies."

"We're not gonna be stopping at different ports of call," he told Variety. "We will have a mixture of land and sea, but it will be a while before we land on a specific destination, and that'll be part of the tension at the beginning part of the season. And the other thing is, The Abigail with a full tank of gas - which it has - can go a considerable distance. So the reality is, we could go back to Vancouver if we wanted to - or we could go to Hawaii or South America; it really opens things up in an interesting way."

Starring Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Lorenzo James Henrie, Frank Dillane, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Mercedes Mason, Ruben Blades and Colman Domingo, "Fear the Walking Dead" returns Sunday, April 10, for its 15-episode second season on AMC.

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