Fear the Walking Dead Parodies Captain Marvel Poster

If recent promotional material for Fear the Walking Dead looks familiar, that's because it's spoofing the newly released Captain Marvel poster.

The image tweeted out on the show's official Twitter features Season 4 villain Martha (AKA Filthy Woman), played by Tonya Pinkins, between two barn doors holding a staff. The caption above her reads "FILTHIER... FARTHER!!! (with "FURTHER" crossed out)... MEANER." The words "FILTHY WOMAN" are written beneath her in the red font of the Captain Marvel logo.

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By contrast, on the Captain Marvel poster, star Brie Larson stands between airplane hangar doors in costume and the caption above her reads, "HIGHER... FURTHER... FASTER." There's also a cat in the lower-left corner of that poster.

Martha's real name wasn't revealed until Sunday's episode, which went into her backstory. Embittered no one helped her injured husband, she now uses Walkers to murder survivors, whom she grew to despise.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9pm on AMC. The show's fourth season will wrap up on Sunday, Sept. 30 on AMC. Fear The Walking Dead was recently renewed for a fifth season.

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