Fear the Walking Dead Exclusive: Alicia & Luciana Find Trouble in Humbug Gulch

This week's Fear the Walking Dead (directed by series star Colman Domingo) features a pretty run-of-the-mill problem - flat tires. Though flat tires caused by a nail strip during a zombie apocalypse tend to be more unnerving than the ones we'd simply call AAA for.

Last week's "The Hurt That Will Happen" saw Morgan and Alicia meet Grace, the former manager of a nuclear power plant that suffered a catastrophic meltdown in the aftermath of the apocalypse. The radiation in the surrounding area gave them more immediate motivation to find the kids who appeared (and then disappeared) in the premiere. In the clip below, Luciana and Alicia have been separated from Morgan, but that isn't stopping their mission to find the missing children.

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Things start out benignly enough, with Alicia and Luciana cruising through the Texas country as Morgan warns them off the road because no one has any idea what they're getting into. We can cautiously assume that he's talking about the nuclear signposts working in concert with the DIY walker fences that the crew's found scattered throughout the region they've crashlanded in. But just as Alicia's waxing poetic about how she can't leave the poor "defenseless" kids in the dust, she and Luciana bust a flat and run off the road. When Alicia goes to investigate, she discovers a nail strip someone very obviously planted in the road -- but was it in an attempt to either keep people out or entrap them?

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Alicia is clearly continuing to struggle with her desire to take out her rage on the world, but also live up to her mother's legacy and try to do some good in the world along with Morgan. Unfortunately, she needs to be alive to do that, and Morgan knows reckless behavior when he sees it - mostly because he that kind of risk used to define him. So will Alicia follow her instincts right into an early grave along with the rest of her family? Or did she mean what she said in this clip when she committed to finding the lost kids and nothing else?

Airing Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC, Fear the Walking Dead stars Lennie James, Colman Domingo, Alexa Nisenson, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Garret Dillahunt, Jenna Elfman, Austin Amelio and Karen David.

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