Fear The Walking Dead Exclusive: Things Go Nuclear In 'The Little Prince'

Fear the Walking Dead hasn't shied away from scaling up its threats in the fifth season. The premiere opened with a plane crash, and a subsequent episode revealed the existence of a damaged nuclear power plant whose waste is being cleaned up by a singular women - Grace, played by new series regular Karen David.

Grace met up with Morgan and Alicia and explained to them how dire the situation was, that they had to spot possibly irradiated walkers by looking for a dosimeter on their necks. Grace believes herself responsible for the plant's original meltdown and everyone who died under her watch because she misjudged just how broken down the world had become, and eventually she and her team weren't enough to keep everything running safely. Her penance, for however long she has left, is to kill the remaining irradiated walkers so they don't contaminate anyone by accident. Morgan and Alicia realize the group of walkers they found locked in a cabin near a pile or burned corpses must've burned contaminated walkers and died after breathing in airborne radiation. Hence part of the reason Grace takes her job so seriously. The trio parts ways at the end of Karen's episode, but this exclusive clip from episode 6, "The Little Prince," shows Karen getting back in touch with Morgan to share some dire news.

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The clip features Grace contacting Morgan again to see if he has a generator. He's with Al and Alicia and seems amenable to helping Grace, but he has questions. Grace very clearly and very firmly explains that he needs to gas up the generator and bring it to her or else the plant is in danger of another meltdown.

It's likely Grace needs a certain amount of power to keep the core cool, even if the plant isn't active. And if there is another meltdown, it could mean the entire area will need to be evacuated and quickly. Strand does have an airplane at his disposal now, but that may not even give them enough time or power - especially if Grace is insistent upon attempting to stop the meltdown before it happens putting herself in close proximity to the plant in an effort to stem the tide of damage. Regardless, nuclear power and the apocalypse don't mix, meaning the season's main antagonist mat wind up being totally environmental.

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