Fear ... the Hand!!!!

No, not the goofy ninja clan of the Marvel Universe. Fear ... this hand!

Whose freaky-looking hand is that? The answer lies ... below the jump!

This is, of course, Elektra Natchios' hand, from the cover of the second volume of the Daredevil Visionaries trade by Mr. Frank Miller:

I don't know if the new printings of this trade have this picture on the cover, but there it is. Check out that hand. Why is Elektra's pinkie so long? For that matter, why is her index finger so long? (The index finger, also known as "Pointer," as in "Where is Pointer, where is Pointer?") The hand is slightly mannish, which isn't surprising, as I've argued before that when Miller wants to create a strong female character, he masculinizes her. Of course, Daredevil's hand is odd, too, so it's largely due to Miller's style that we get the hand like this. It's also interesting how different this cover, drawn (presumably) for the printing in 2000, is from his art from the early 1980s. What's great about reading Miller's work on Daredevil is to watch the slow change in his art. By the final few issues of this run (which concludes with issue #182), you can see that he's moved from somewhat generic art (well drawn, but generic) to becoming the guy who drew Ronin and The Dark Knight Returns before moving on even from that style.

Anyway, this is a great run of comics. If you haven't read them yet, you really ought to. If you can get past the freaky hand on the cover, that is!

(Of course, the Hand does show up in this trade. So there's that.)

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