Fear takes form in Nick Percival's new series 'The Family'

In a ravaged world where the things you fear have been overtaken by fear itself, it's a particularly bad time to be living. In the upcoming comic The Family, by Nick Percival, fear and other feelings have taken on physical form with literal Panic Attacks, Rage Storms and a Flood of Tears. And amid this nearly indescribable carnage, four stray survivors find comfort in each other and fall into roles as old as time: Father, Mother, Son and Daughter. They are the Family.

"The Family deals with a lot of themes I’ve always wanted to explore, particularly the extreme effects of different emotions and how they affect people," Percival told ROBOT 6. "But I thought if I could set it in a world where every emotion and bad feeling actually exists as creature like entities, able to infect people and spread these feelings of rage, guilt, fear, panic, deceit, malice, etc.,  it would be a very interesting and  very visual place to form a graphic novel series."

The Family is the first interior comics work for Percival in almost three years, after his graphic novel Legends: The Enchanted. He's primarily known for his startling realistic and gruesome twisted cover work for 2000AD, IDW's Judge Dredd series and Clive Barker's Hellraiser series, and the quality of his lushly illustrated painted work is a rare sight in comics these days.

But Percival is bringing this new series out simultaneously in France and the United States. U.S. readers will see it in a fall issue of Heavy Metal with a collection in 2014, while French readers can buy the graphic novel later this year from Nickel Editions.

Percival has provided ROBOT 6 with an exclusive look at the first eight pages of the series:

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