"Fear Agent" is Go for Launch

The RiskyBizBlog is reporting a feature film adaptation of "Fear Agent" is a go. Universal is developing the Dark Horse property. "The project is now an open-writing assignment, but there's a possibility that the studio could match a spec whose rights are controlled by 'Air Force One' producer Jonathan Shestack and bring Shestack on to produce 'Agent,'" claims blog writer Steven Zeitchik.

At this early stage, though, everything is conjecture.

The series began in 2005 and is written by Rick Remender and art by Tony Moore and Jerome Opena. It chronicles the insane life of alcoholic spaceman from Texas. Featuring cloning, space travel, space pirates, booze, alternate timelines, and time travel, the series is pulp sci-fi in the grand tradition leaving no staple of the genre untouched. It also has humor.

As this is still in the earliest stages of development, without a script or director, no potential cast has been mentioned. Because of main character Heath Huston's classic sci-fi design, IGN suggests, "The rugged dark-haired space daredevil looks almost to be a bit of a Bruce Campbell of the cosmos, but is there anyone else who could assume the role of Fear Agent? Perhaps ol' Lantern Jaw Affleck could relive his 'Armageddon'" days once more?" Again, it is wishful thinking at this point in development.

The series itself is on its fifth storyline, "I Against I," with a collected edition due out at the end of the year.

IGN notes this is the third project Universal is taking on from Dark Horse, noting the "development of missing teen thriller 'The Secret,' as well as Emo's favourite befringed anit-heroine 'Emily the Strange.'"

Universal also took over the 'Hellboy' franchise when original producer Revolution Studios shut down. According to the RiskyBizBlog, following "Hellboy II: The Golden Army," Universal and Dark Horse entered into an "overall production and distribution pact."

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