FCBD: It's An Ugly Doll Comic Book & Other Stuff

Story by
Art by
Various, James Kochalka

Interior pages removed at the request of Viz Media as the pages were not finalSay, Friend. Do you need a hero? Then this comic isn't for you. (Though being Ugly is a super power - "ugly" means unique!) Do you need a cookie? Then this is your book!Join OXâ„¢, Wageâ„¢, Baboâ„¢, Ice-Batâ„¢ and all their friends in the Uglydolls' first ever comic book adventure.The Uglydolls may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but they sure will eat your candy!And don't miss the bonus features from other famous members of the VIZ Kids family!It's An Uglydoll Comic will also feature samples of the upcoming Pokemon Pocket Comics [coming Fall 2013] which are a collection of full color, self contained, fun and funny comic strips featuring pokemon from Pokemon Black and White. Also featured are samples of the upcoming Hello Kitty graphic novels [October 2013] which are full color original stories by American artists such as Jacob Chabot [Mighty Skullboy Army]. The last property to be included is Mameshiba, the strange, unique, and absolutely adorable combination of a bean and a dog put together.

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