FCBD: Amazing Spider-Man Offers a New Twist on a Classic Peter Parker Trope

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the FCBD 2018 issue of Infinity Watch and Amazing Spider-Man, in stores now.

Peter Parker's latest battle with Norman Osborn and his new Red Goblin persona may still be taking place in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, but an all-new saga for the web-slinger gets underway in July from the title's new creative team of Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn and Laura Martin.

Marvel is giving fans a preview of what to expect when Amazing Spider-Man relaunches as a part of its "Fresh Start" publishing initiative with a Free Comic Book Day story. The comic showcases Peter Parker's search for a new apartment with Randy Robertson, the son of the Daily Bugle's Robbie Robertson, along with Spider-Man's superhero exploits against Boomerang, Electro, Rhino and Big Wheel.

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Of course, it's just Peter's luck that his private and superhero lives would eventually collide together, with both sagas adding even more drama to the festivities by playing off of an old reliable trope.

The Rent Is Too Damn High

Times have been tough for Peter ever since Parker Industries went belly up. No longer a billionaire on the level of Tony Stark, Peter had to resort to crashing on Mockingbird's couch. Their breakup would leave Peter without a place to rest his head at night, which is why he's out apartment hunting with Randy -- if only their options had something better to offer than the view of a dumpster.

While Amazing Spider-Man is undergoing a "Fresh Start," that doesn't mean Peter wants to go back to living with his Aunt May in Queens. Peter has lived with his friends before, so there's no reason he can't do it again. And if the places they like are on the expensive side, they can always look to add another roommate, right?

Look Who's Moving In

Remember Spider-Man's earlier fight with that random collection of villains? For some context, it took place right after Peter and Randy had checked out another awful apartment. Spencer loves writing Boomerang, having guided the criminal's misadventures in 2013's Superior Foes of Spider-Man. So it makes sense for Spencer to include Boomerang in his Amazing Spider-Man debut. However, what wasn't expected is the reveal of just how big a role Boomerang will play in the series going forward.

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After the villain gets away, Peter catches up with Randy, who's found a great three-bedroom apartment for the duo. But when Peter questions what they're going to do with the third bedroom, Randy reveals his plan to sublet it for the added income -- and he's already found them a roommate.

The majority of Spider-Man's greatest enemies all have a personal connection to the hero. Though Boomerang isn't aware that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are the same person, there's always the possibility he'll find out since they're living under the same roof. For example, the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) was the father of Peter's best friend, Harry Osborn -- who also became a Green Goblin. Also, Doctor Octopus's consciousness took over Spider-Man's body, resulting in Otto Octavius discovering Peter was the wall-crawler.

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Look for July's Amazing Spider-Man #1 to continue the saga of Spider-Man's newest roommate, while also dropping clues on exactly what was in the bag that Boomerang stole for Mayor Wilson Fisk. Whatever it was, it will only make Peter Parker and Spider-Man's life even more complicated than it already is.

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