FC9 Publishing To Release "Genie" This June

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Three wishes. Three chances to change anything about yourself or even change the world itself. Legend has it that a Djinn would grant all that power to any person that freed them, but it's just a myth... just a story. Or is it? 'Genie' brings the legend to life and shows you what really happens when you set a Djinn free.

FC9 has taken the mythology of the Djinn and turned it completely upside down in this revisioned world of Genies and their powers.

Written by Jim (KEP!) Keplinger and Art by Eliseu (ZEU) Gouveia, the first issue introduces the reader to a reimagined world of genies. At first, a world that everyone's familiar with... coming out of lamps, granting wishes, etc... then we follow a lineage through time that changes some of what we'd previously thought and puts us in modern day.

"I'm really excited about the artist/writer team on Genie. It's as if they play off each other and the story just builds into a larger and larger epic everytime either of them put pen to paper. They're competing over who can add the most to the story, constantly trying to out-do each other." Says FC9 President Tilman Goins. "Both have been garnering a lot of attention in the comic world, and I'm proud to have them working with us."

Genie is an "All Ages" book, and by all ages, it's not necessarily a book targeted towards young readers alone. It's a story that has elements that EVERYONE will relate to, and ANYONE can enjoy. Jim Keplinger has carefully crafted a tale that reminds people that ALL Ages means just that.

Jeffrey Allen, the focus of the story, is like many of us, average kid... teased by his peers, until he stumbles on his very own genie. The relationship between Jeffrey and his genie can be best compared to that of the boys who had their computer-generated girl in Weird Science. The difference is, Jim has actually woven an historical element throughout the story, including playing off of many myths and misconceptions of the Djinn that we may or may not be familiar with.

Look for Genie #1 and FC9's other monthly comic HELL, Michigan in April's Previews. Both will be in stores this June.

Painted Cover on issue #1 by David Michael Beck, 32 pages, FC, $2.95

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