10 Best Episodes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, According to IMDb

The long-running manga/anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is an epic, broken up into several stories that form a sort of anthology. We meet Jonathan Joestar in the first part, Phantom Blood, and the adventure continues with his grandson Joseph Joestar and then Jotaro Kujo.

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But the fun doesn't stop there. The fourth installment is Diamond is Unbreakable, starring the punkish Josuke Higashikata, a resident of small-town Japan. In Morioh, Josuke is a big fish in a small pond, being an heir to the Joestar bloodline and the user of a powerful stand (Crazy Diamond). Which 10 episodes of Diamond is Unbreakable impressed fans the most, according to IMDB?

10 Episode 21: "Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly, Part 1" (8.7)

The main villain of part 4 is not the eternal vampire Dio, but rather, something more realistic and thus more insidious: a serial killer. Meet the cold-blooded Yoshikage Kira, who has an obsession with women's hands. In this episode, Kira is carrying a severed woman's hand in a sandwich bag, but a middle schooler named Shigechi mixes it up with his own fast food bag. Kira stalks Shigechi, waiting for the right moment to get the bag back. When Shigechi notices, he runs after him to reclaim his sandwich. But the bag spills, revealing not lunch, but the severed hand! Killer Queen is then prepared for battle!

9 Episode 10: "Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food" (8.7)

Many of the most popular episodes of Diamond is Unbreakable feature battles with Kira, the main villain. But why not get lunch first? The creator, Hirohiko Araki, loves Italy and its food and statues so that passion is represented in this filler episode. But this is no ordinary filler. Josuke and Okuyasu meet a benign stand user, a chef who uses his powers to make healthy food! Okuyasu even grows a new tooth with it! Josuke is suspicious, but for once, there's no battle to be had. The chef truly just wants to serve good food.

8 Episode 23: "Sheer Heart Attack, Part 1" (8.8)

Here comes Kira again (he will appear often on this list). Right after Shigechi's untimely murder, Koichi chases after Kira to avenge him, only to go up against Killer Queen's bonus ability: Sheer Heart Attack! It's a small, indestructible remote stand that can chase its victims when it senses their body heat. Koichi desperately fights back with his own stand, Echo, and unlocks its third form in the process. With its power, Koichi catches up to Kira and confronts him.

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7 Episode 37: "Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable, Part 1" (8.8)

Many of the battles against Yoshikage Kira are shown in two-parter sequences, including this episode. Kira has the edge on all his opponents with his latest ability, Bites the Dust. But Josuke confronts him at last, and Kira cancels Rohan's impending death to protect himself. Now, Kira uses the Stray Cat stand to launch explosive air bubbles, and Okuyasa takes a serious blow. Josuke, meanwhile, manages to slip into a nearby house for shelter, but the battle is far from over!

6 Episode 35: "Bites the Dust, Part 1" (8.8)

Kira takes center stage once again. This time, he has found himself in a tight spot, and he realizes that his "son," Hayato, is onto him. Kira is desperate until the stand arrow pierces him and he gains the terrifying new ability Bites the Dust. How does it work? Kira places a stand-bomb in Hayato, set to go off if anyone uncovers Kira's identity through Hayato! Its first victim is Rohan, and once Rohan perishes, time reverses itself to an hour earlier. However, will Hayato deal with that?

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5 Episode 38: "Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable, Part 2" (9.0)

The final, bloody battle against the superpowered Yoshikage Kira continues. Josuke is scrambling to avoid Kira's air bubble bombs, which track him with unnerving accuracy. He and Hayato find a solution, though, and draw Kira's attention away from Josuke. Now, Josuke confronts Kira in the open once again, and just as Kira launches an air bomb from Killer Queen's chest, Okuyasu intervenes! With The Hand, Killer Queen's attack is diverted, and Josuke is ready to land the final blow.

4 Episode 36: "Bites the Dust, Part 2" (9.1)

Hayato is the hero of this episode. This poor boy realized that Bites the Dust is trapping him in a time loop so long as people discover Kira's identity, so he tries to fight back. Hayato even tries to take his own life to escape the loop, but that doesn't work, either. Finally, Hayato borrows Stray Cat to assassinate his false father, but not even that worked. It's up to the Josuke gang to finish things now!

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3 Episode 24: "Sheer Heart Attack, Part 2" (9.1)

As mentioned earlier, Kira appears quite often in this list, since he's such a chilling but brilliant villain. Now, in episode 24, Koichi suffers a serious beating when Kira undoes the power of Echo and attacks him. Jotaro comes to the rescue, though, and strikes Kira with Star Platinum. Finally, when Josuke and Okuyasu arrive, Kira is outed as the killer, and he flees. Using Crazy Diamond to track Kira, Josuke and the others pursue him to Salon Cinderella... only to realize that Kira has assumed a new face! He could be anyone, anywhere.

2 Episode 22: "Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly, Part 2" (9.1)

Shigechi has stumbled upon Kira's identity, and the serial killer is not happy about that. Shigechi musters the power of Harvest, but Killer Queen is tougher and deals a serious blow with an explosion. Shigechi limps off to warn Josuke, but he never gets a chance, for Kira has caught up, and dealt the final blow. A few days later, Jotaro and Koichi use a loose button from Kira's coat to track him down to a tailor shop. But there, Kira is ready and waiting...

1 Episode 39: "Goodbye, Morioh - The Heart of Gold" (9.4)

At last, Yoshikage Kira is cornered, and he has nowhere to run. Ambulances and fire trucks surround the scene, and Kira explains the origins of his hand fetish. But just as he's about to be captured, a fire truck runs him over and kills him! Kira's spirit confronts Reimi, a girl he had killed years ago, and she gets a measure of peace when ghostly hands drag off Kira's soul for all time. Peace has returned to Morioh, and Joseph Joestar takes his leave on a boat.

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