Fathom, G.I. Joe, Couriers: March 26th Comic Reel


Actress Megan Fox has scored the title role, Aspen's Frank Mastromauro told Wizard, "I think she's fantastic for this part. She knows so much about Fathom, which is spectacular. Growing up she was a huge fan of the book and a huge fan of Michael's. When we met her, she was already well versed in [Fathom] volume one and [was] asking us questions about the book. And it's just really great to have someone who is enthusiastic about the material. Not because it's another movie they're making, but because it's a movie that in their heart they want to make because they love the character and they love Michael and the people who created it so much. Of course it's fantastic that she's in some great movies ... she's definitely the 'it' girl right now. And I think she's going to do a fantastic job. I've met her several times and I know she's really into the project. When [Michael Turner] met Megan he thought she was fantastic. He was 100 percent for it and couldn't have been happier. He honestly couldn't have pictured someone else doing this right now, just due to the fact that Megan was so into the character. It's a no-brainer. She just translates Mike's beautiful woman into live action perfectly." The screenplay will be based on the first volume of Fathom and will be adapted by Jordan Mechner.

No release date announced.


What exactly will Cobra Commander look like? Hisstank.com believes they know, given new images of the tie in toy (also at MTV if you're not a member). No fabric mask, huh? Oh well.

Starring Dennis Quaid and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, release date: August 7, 2009.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Intrepid Pictures has picked up the movie rights to the series and has hired writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach to adapt the work for the screen.

No release date announced.


It's been a while since we checked in on director Edgar Wright's blog. Let's see what he's been up to ... oh, more photos, huh? Cool.

Starring Michael Cera, filming now in Toronto.


Director Jon Favreau is on Twitter and has made some notes about what he's up to:

5:13 PM Mar 24th: Great rehearsal today with Gwyneth, RDJ and Don Cheadle.

11:45 AM Mar 24th: I'm sitting here with Gwyneth. She wants to know why she should tweet.

8:37 PM Mar 23rd: Rehearsed today with Gwyneth. She looks ripped. I gotta read GOOP and see what the hell she's eating.

Release date: May 7, 2010.


The rumor from IESB claims that new Silver Films mogul Andrew Rona is tasked with bringing Themiscira to the silver screen, and that the "Green Lantern" movie's advances are helping Diana's cause.

No casting information or release date announced.


Herosite has the official network description for the April 13th episode, "1961."

Next episode: "Into Asylum," March 30, 2009.


The Hollywood Reporter also had a story noting that director Matthew Vaughan is in talks with comics creator Mark Millar to adapt the religious-themed work "Chosen."

No release date announced.


According to actor Seth Rogen, being a hero is in his character's blood, or so he told Superhero Hype. "He's actually the Lone Ranger's grandnephew. The Lone Ranger is owned by Jerry Bruckheimer so that probably limits the amount of involvement we can actually have in that movie. We were inspired by the original. We kind of took what we thought was good and left what we didn't. Honestly, we didn't feel any real obligation living up to the original because the radio plays totally different than the TV show which is different than the comic book. There is no real set way."

Directed by Michael Gondry, release date: June 25, 2010.


IGN has posted the new TV spot, and we're happy to repost it for you.


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