'Fathom' Creator Undergoes Surgery

"Fathom" creator Michael Turner will be sporting a new accessory the next time fans see him: crutches.

Top Cow announced Friday that Turner's surgery -- to remove a malignant tumor discovered during reconstructive hip surgery earlier this month -- has apparently successfully removed all the malignant tissue. As an added precaution, he will also be undergoing both chemotherapy and radiation therapy in the coming months.

With his right pelvis and hip joint removed, Turner will have to rely on crutches for roughly a year, followed by a cane before walking independently once more.

"I've been fighting this thing for many months now," Turner said in a statement released by the company. "Obviously, you've noticed that it has affected my ability of getting 'Fathom' issues out on time. Just imagine a T-Rex taking a huge bite out of your butt! I've already started drawing some again and have come up with several exciting ideas for Fathom and a few incredible new properties. I hope you will all hang in there with me!"

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