Fathom #4

Story by
Art by
Ale Garza, Sal Regla
Colors by
John Starr
Cover by
Aspen Comics

In his remote, mountainous base, the ever-determined Chris Calloway learns the hard way about the resilient nature of the Blue, as his war machines' plan of attack against them doesn't go exactly as planned. Aspen and Chance-and their new captive prisoner-have plans of their own as they attempt to free Aspen's brother Finn. Meanwhile, Siphon begins to ponder a course of action below the surface that could lead to disastrous results for the citizens of Muria. And if that's not enough, the Black reveal the massive scope of their attack...one which all of mankind might not survive! Brought to you by the same FATHOM creative team of artist Ale Garza, writer J.T. Krul, inker Sal Regla and colorist John Starr.

The deadly tides of change rise above the surface as the exciting third volume of the best selling action adventure series, FATHOM continues!

FATHOM #4 is GUARANTEED in stores December 10th, 2008!

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