Fathom #1


Following the epic turn of events in Fathom: Volume 2 and Fathom: Kiani, the third installment of the popular action-adventure series returns with this explosive first issue!

The long-docile race of the Blue no longer want solitude in their underwater habitat after the human's latest attack�"they now want revenge! After thwarting the invasion of the Blue cities by Admiral Maylander's Navy, Aspen Matthews and Chance Calloway have found some much needed seclusion together in a beach house south of the border. But, their romantic getaway will be short-lived as the return of the murderous Killian, now at full-strength, is ready to strike once more against the humans�"along with his reunited daughter, Kiani! Plus, the hatred from below the surface is also shared by one other race�"the ancient and most powerful underwater beings known as the Black! However, the US Navy has plans of their own for the Blue, as well as a new leader with�"special�"ties to both Aspen and Chance!

With FATHOM's long awaited return at hand, some new creators and several familiar names are along for the ride! Leading the charge is artist extraordinaire Ale Garza, taking poised control of art duties for all of Aspen's curvaceous lines and intricate environments. Writer J.T. Krul returns to pen the tale, punching up the excitement level to dizzying heights, while the skilled hands of inker Sal Regla and colorist John Starr add the finishing touches in all the right places.

The deadly tides of change rise above the surface in the exciting third volume of the best selling action adventure series, FATHOM!

FATHOM #1 is GUARANTEED in stores August 6th, 2008!

RETAILER NOTE: FATHOM (Vol 3) #1 will ship with three different covers by artists Ale Garza, J. Scott Campbell and Fathom creator Michael Turner. Each cover is available to order separately, with no quantity limitation or restrictions.

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