Myths and legends have been woven into stories over the ages with some of them being direct retellings, while others only use small parts of the original legends. They’re incredibly popular because many of these wonderful tales have a purpose or a hidden meaning meant to guide people.

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One such popular legend is that of King Arthur. It’s uncertain how much of the legend has been embellished over the years, especially when it comes to the Lady of the Lake, the magical aspects of Excalibur, or even Merlin. With how incredible the story is, it’s no surprise that there are many anime series that have incorporated the legend that isn't Fate/Stay Night.

11 The Seven Deadly Sins Is Based In The Land Of Britannia And Has Many Ties To The Arthurian Legend

The Sins having a drink in The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins follows the story of Princess Elizabeth and her search for the Seven Deadly Sins across Britannia. These Sins were originally legendary knights that were tasked with protecting Britannia, but they supposedly betrayed their country and comrades by turning on them.

In this series, there are many references to the legend of King Arthur starting with the name of the land, Britannia. In addition to this, this anime has a character named Merlin, and many of the Sins have traits that tie into the legend itself.

10 Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion Have Mecha Known As Knigtmares


In Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, the Empire of Britannia conquered Japan and uses incredibly destructive and powerful weapons known as Knightmares to control the people. When saved by a woman known as C.C, Lelouch, a Britannia student, realizes that he has the power to command absolute obedience. So, as a masked vigilante, he sets out to take down Britannia once and for all.

Code Geass references the legend of King Arthur in many ways. It uses the Kingdom of Britannia and the Knightmares used by the Knights of Round also reference certain names in the legend, like Lancelot, Tristan, and Mordred.

9 Lance N' Masques Contains Knights And A Relationship Similar To That Of Guinevere And Lancelot

Lance N' Masques anime

Lance N’ Masques is an anime about a knight named Yotaro Hanabusa, who just wanted to go on and live a normal life. Unfortunately for him, his training has made it so that he can’t resist helping those in need. When he saves an affluent girl, his life is changed forever.

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In this anime, there are a few elements that are influenced by the Arthurian legend such as the knights and their values, and also the nickname that Makio calls him - Knight Lancer. This is in reference to the weapon that knights, much like Lancelot, used to use whilst jousting. It can also be said that the relationship between Yotaro and Makio resembles that of Guinevere and Lancelot.

8 Claymore's Knights Share Similarities To The Knights Of The Round Table

Claymore Clare

Claymore are half-human and half-youma knights that were manufactured to kill the full breed youma that were terrorizing and eating humans. These Claymore are also known as the Silver-Eyed Witches and are incredible knights. Unlike many other series where there are direct links to Arthurian legend, Claymore’s links are more subtle.

The claymore is a weapon widely used during medieval times, and many of the elements represented in this anime series are from the same time period. The knights have a strict moral code, believe in protecting their people, and resemble the Knights of the Round Table in a number of ways.

7 High School DxD Took Many Names And References From Arthurian Legend

High School DxD follows the story of Issei Hyodo, how he died on his first date, and how he was reincarnated as a demon to be used as a servant. In this anime, there are very direct and obvious references to the legend of King Arthur.

Arthur Pendragon is a character in this anime who is a descendant of King Arthur. He is a member of House Pendragon and an amazing sword wielder. On top of this, he is also the wielder of Caliburn, otherwise known as the Holy King Sword or the Sword in the Stone.

6 The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes Has A Duo That Goes On A Quest For Hero Relics

Ryner Lute is the main protagonist in The Legend of the Legendary Heroes and was once a student at an academy that taught magic for military purposes. After the war that cost him most of his friends, he sought a peaceful life until he was asked to search for legendary relics, known as Hero Relics.

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This is very similar to how the Knights of the Round Table went on a quest for the Holy Grail. This anime also has powerful knights with strong moral compasses.

5 Sword Art Online Contains A Guild Called The Royal Knights With Members Using Names From Arthurian Legend

Sword Art Online Kirito Revealing His Beta Status

Sword Art Online is an anime revolving around players who were trapped in a VRMMORPG. Unfortunately, those who die in the game die in real life. This means that the stakes of fighting and clearing dungeons are much higher.

In this anime, there is a guild called the Royal Knights. This guild has many ties with the legend of King Arthur, with each of the members taking the name of one of the Knights, like Galahad, Lance, Guinevere, and Galant.

4 Nobunaga The Fool Follows Warring Planets With One Of Them Being Ruled By A Man Named King Arthur

Nobunaga The Fool anime

Nobunaga the Fool is an anime that follows the story of Nobunaga, the heir of the Eastern Country of Owari. He is considered to be a nuisance even by his father. This anime is influenced in many areas by the legend of King Arthur.

King Arthur is the leader of the Western planet who is believed to be the savior of their world. Not only does he have the same name as the king of legend, but he also has a round table filled with kindred souls.

3 Divine Gate Has A Character Called Arthur Who Is The Leader Of The Knights Of Round

The Divine Gate is a legend that merges the mortal realm, the underworld, and heaven. The World Council is an organization that controls the Gate and also trains Adaptors, people who can use elemental abilities.

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Arthur is a character and the leader of an organization called Knights of Round, which takes its name from the Knights of the Round Table. The Knights of Round is also comprised of characters called Lancelot, Mordred, and Percival.

2 King Arthur & The Knights Of The Round Table Follows The Legend Quite Closely

King Arthur & The Knights Of The Round Table anime

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is an anime that is based on the legend of King Arthur. It contains many of the same elements. However, the story has been changed slightly for the sake of storytelling and dramatic purposes.

This anime still has Arthur, Uther Pendragon, and the Kingdom of Camelot. Merlin also plays a role in this anime as he saves Arthur as a young child and sends him to live with a Knight for safekeeping. In addition, Arthur still pulls the sword from the stone, becoming the true King of England.

1 Million Arthur Spins The Legend In New And Interesting Ways

Million Arthur is a magical fantasy anime based on a distortion of space and time where multiple Arthurs and multiple Excaliburs come into existence. In this anime, Excalibur is a sacred sword that grants the wielder extraordinary powers and the title of Arthur.

A group of six Arthurs is sent back in time to stop this distorted occurrence from taking place. In doing so, they must also destroy all the Excaliburs of the past which total one million. Million Arthur may not follow the legend exactly, but it does spin elements of the legend in new and interesting ways.

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