Fast & Furious Director Rob Cohen Addresses Sexual Assault Allegations

Rob Cohen, the director of 2001's The Fast and the Furious, was recently accused of sexually assaulting a 28-year-old woman back in a hotel room in 2015 after the two met to discuss a potential television pilot. Valkyrie Weather -- Cohen's daughter -- also levied allegations of sexual abuse against him earlier this year. Cohen has now issued a response, denying the aforementioned allegations.

"I have never assaulted, raped, drugged or molested anyone," Cohen said in a statement (per Deadline). "I have never belonged to any cigar club, and certainly was never there with ‘Jane’. (Out of restraint, I won’t reveal her real name)." For context, the director refers to the pseudonym used by his accuser in the article in which the new allegations were made.

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Cohen continued, "I hope and pray that the thousands of people who know me, worked with me, and/or are simply fair minded people will see that this is an untrue and unsubstantiated story, which is out there due to a hateful daughter and a mother/ex-wife."

Prior to the new information regarding the alleged hotel room assault, Weather accused her father of sexually assaulting her as a child back in February. Weather -- now 32 -- also claimed Cohen had taken her to visit sex workers overseas when she was 13. While Cohen has denied these claims, Dianna Mitzner -- his ex-wife -- claims to have witness at least one instance of Weather being sexually abused.

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