'Fast and Furious' Writer's Next is a Thai Prison Action Movie

Original "Fast and Furious" writer Gary Scott Thompson has an action-thriller in the works about the world of underground fighting in Thailand's prisons, titled "Champion."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Storyscape Entertainment’s Bob Cooper ("Stargate SG-1") and Richard Saperstein ("Se7en") are producing the action-thriller, along with Robert Kravis ("Lucky Number Slevin") and Karl Herrmann of Pioneer Pictures and Tyler Mitchell ("The Incredible Burt Wonderstone") of Landscape Entertainment.

Based on a centuries-old tradition where Thailand's prison inmates compete in Muay Thai tournaments for freedom, "Champion" follows "the journey of an American locked up abroad who must learn Muay Thai in order to fight for his freedom."

Aside from the original "Fast and Furious," Thompson has worked with Paul Verhoeven on "Hollow Man," created the Josh Duhamel-led TV series "Las Vegas" and wrote on the "Knight Rider" reboot from a few years back, among many other projects

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