Fantasy Master Michael Moorcock contributes to Digital Webbing Presents #6

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HAVERHILL, MA, October 4, 2002 - The giant-sized anniversary issue of the groundbreaking anthology features a special story by literary icon Michael Moorcock!

Moorcock brings The Masked Buckaroo to DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS in a special 12-page comic adventure. In "Return of the White Wolf," the acclaimed Elric creator spins the yarn of rancher-turned-adventurer Tex Brady.

"He's got a red, white, and blue suit and rides around Texas rightin' wrongs," Moorcock told The Austin Chronicle about the Buckaroo, who most recently appeared in the Tales from the Texas Woods story collection. In that book's "The Ghost Warriors," the Buckaroo first encountered El Lobo Blanco, the albino Apache chief who returns in the DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS story.

London-born Moorcock is arguably best known for his Eternal Champion series featuring the immensely popular Elric of Melnibone. In addition to his more fantastic works, the prolific author is well-known for his literary accomplishments, including Between the Wars - a sweeping series of novels depicting the events leading to the Holocaust.

Vatche Mavlian, fresh from the Spider-Man/Daredevil one-shot for Marvel, provides the richly textured art. "It's a good ol' fashioned ass-whippin' Western with that undeniable Moorcock style!" proclaims Mavlian.

"Return of the White Wolf," presented in conjunction with NextComics (www.nextcomics.com), appears for the first time in print in DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #6. This Texas tale is a must for any Moorcock, fantasy, or Western fan.

However, the Masked Buckaroo isn't the only larger-than-life adventurer in the anthology!

Digital Widow, the sexy cyber-spider woman who graced the cover of DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #1, appears in her story debut. "Digital Widow: Final Stage" is penciled by the character's creator, Deon Nuckols, scripted by Ian Ascher, and inked by James Taylor.

Coinciding with the release of his new series from Digital Webbing Press, Gutwallow the gingerbread man appears in "The Sacred Talisman" by Dan Berger and Chris Mendoza. Gutwallow and his faithful pal Leafale seek a magical artifact in this self-contained tale.

"Arazel and Xarenia," by Jeffery Stevenson and Scott Story, continues the stellar story assortment in this issue. "It's one part fantasy adventure and three parts Murphy's Law," joked Stevenson about the tale of two elven adventurers.

Also this month, prolific DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS writer Chris Kirby teams with artist Kelly Goodine to chronicle the strange experience of a World War II soldier in "Sharpshooter." "It's set on the battlefields of France, as one sniper comes to grips with the visions that he sees when lining up his targets in the crosshairs," explained Kirby.

Finishing out the issue is the final chapter of the suburban super-heroes "Amber and Ally," by Joe Morris, Hannu Lipponen, and Ron Riley.

Editor Ed Dukeshire is proud of the title's performance over the past year. "DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS has changed people's perceptions of what's possible in today's marketplace," he says. "It's a black-and-white anthology from mostly aspiring creators, but it's been successful for all involved."

DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #6 features a senses-shattering Digital Widow wraparound cover by Deon Nuckols, James Taylor, and colorist Val Staples (Masters of the Universe).

DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #6 ($2.95 US, $4.00 CAN) is solicited in October Previews (item # OCT02 2510) for a December release.

Also available in December is GUTWALLOW #1, "Gutwallow: Fury of the Furry," continuing the adventures of the courageous cookie who's featured in this month's DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS.

GUTWALLOW #1 ($2.95 US, $4.00 CAN) is solicited in October Previews (item # OCT02 2509) for a December release.

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