Fantastic Four: 10 Villains That Completely Disappeared From The Comics

One of Marvel’s greatest superhero teams and the brand's quintessential family is none other than the Fantastic Four. Comprised of The Thing, The Human Torch, Invisible Woman, and team leader Mister Fantastic, the team has become the face of heroes protecting Earth from galactic and dimensional threats.

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Their villains are infamous, including the likes of Galactus, Doctor Doom, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and even Mole Man and his Moloids. Yet, there are several villains that have fallen off the radar in recent years. Here are the ten best villains that have been forgotten.

10 Miracle Man

One of the first villains that really gave the Fantastic Four trouble was Miracle Man, a stage magician who appeared to have great power capable of defeating the team of heroes. After besting them, Johnny Storm uses a flare blast to blind the magician, allowing the Fantastic Four to stop Miracle Man and revealing his power were nothing more than a trick of hypnotism.

Later on, Miracle Man would show true power over matter and reality, but he is taken away by the Silent Ones due to his madness. His life is eventually taken by the Scourge of the Underworld.

9 Hate-Monger

One of the more surprising villains the team faced back in the day was Hate-Monger. A villain that would definitely have an impact on our current political and social scene in the world, Hate-Monger was an ordinary guy who happened to be a clone of Adolf Hitler.

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With no special powers but a powerful weapon known as the Hate-Ray, Hate-Monger battled the Fantastic Four at a hate rally, nearly destroying the foundation of the team after they were impacted. It took the efforts of Nick Fury himself to bring them together and stop him.

8 Blastaar

One powerful foe that could rank alongside some of the franchise's major villains is Blastaar. A monarch on the planet Baluur in the Negative Zone, his people revolted and overthrew him, causing Blastaar to be dubbed an outlaw.

When Reed Richards escaped the Negative Zone, Blastaar followed him but was defeated by the FF and Sandman. The villain escaped several times, eventually forming a pact with Annihilus, the powerful conqueror from the Negative Zone. He became the Negative Zone’s King during the 'War of Kings' event and fought Medusa to rule the Inhumans, eventually losing. Blastaar did experience a short-lived comeback in 2018's Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1, therefore, the villain is not completely irrelevant.

7 Over-Mind

One foe that had an interesting career before disappearing was The Over-Mind. Otherwise known as Grom, the villain was a member of the Eternals of Eyung. The largest and most powerful combatant of his people, he was chosen to house the minds of over 700 million people, then was put into a protective capsule and launched into space.

Grom awoke thousands of years later, the minds all assimilating into a single powerful mind in his body. He arrived on Earth, took over Reed Richards and nearly defeated the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom. Luckily, the Stranger shrunk The Overmind down to size.

6 Air-Walker

One of the more tragic foes the Fantastic Four faced was Gabriel Lan, aka Air-Walker. Originally a member of the Nova Corps on Xandar, Lan was willingly chosen by Galactus to become his herald, Air-Walker. Possessing the Power Cosmic, he finds worlds for Galactus to consume and becomes the one true friend Galactus truly has.

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Eventually, Lan is destroyed and the last spark of his soul is preserved in an android body. Lacking Lan’s personality, Galactus sends the android to retrieve the Silver Surfer but is defeated by him and the Fantastic Four.

5 Nicholas Scratch

One of the more sinister villains that disappeared was Nicholas Scratch. The son of Agatha Harkness, he lived in the hidden community of New Salem in Colorado, a community filled with those who used magic. He fathered seven children who became known as Salem’s Seven.

When Agatha went to work with Reed and Sue, Nicholas took over as the leader of the community, convincing the town his mother had betrayed them. He was eventually defeated and banished to a place called the Dark Realm.

4 Devos The Devastator

Blending the team’s alien foes with The Punisher, this villain only appeared a handful of times but was always memorable. Known as Devos the Devastator, the villain was a vigilante who sought to destroy anyone who had the ability to wage war in the universe.

Devos fought the Fantastic Four and lost, then joined forces with Paibok the Power Skrull to fight the heroes again. His big impact on Marvel Comics came when he destroyed the Throneworld of the Skrull Empire, pitting the race into a civil war.

3 Occulus

A truly original villain that comes from an entirely different universe, Occulus was a being from the Inniverse. The villain was one of two youths orphaned and chosen to be the wards of the Gem Guild. Occulus was deemed as the one with the most talent, while his brother was whisked away.

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After going mad from plucking his own eye out to gain Gem supremacy, he sent his servants to find the other orphan, Wildblood. Escaping to Earth 616, he took shelter with the Fantastic Four, who battled Occulus in the Inniverse.

2 Hyperstorm

Hailing from Earth-967, Hyperstorm is named Jonathan Reed Richards, the son of Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers in a post-apocalyptic world. A mutant wielding the Supreme Power, the villain has unlimited psionic abilities, accelerated healing, can teleport through hyperspace, and even turn invisible.

After conquering his world, Jonathan set out on an elaborate plot to mess with his ancestors, nearly destroying the Fantastic Four in the process. He caused the heroes to join forces with Galactus, who forced Hyperstorm into a pocket dimension.

1 Abraxas

The most powerful threat to the Fantastic Four that disappeared from the comics has to be Abraxas. A being formed at the beginning of the multiverse to embody destruction, Eternity - the embodiment of creation - had to actually create a being who could block Abraxas from rising in the multiverse.

That being was Galactus, who at his passing in the Prime Universe, allowed Abraxas to arrive. He tricked the Fantastic Four into retrieving the Ultimate Nullifier and sent an army of Novas to attack. Franklin and Valeria Richards combined their powers to resurrect Galactus, stopping Abraxas from existing.

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