Fantastic Four, The Batman, Spider-Man 3, Watchmen: March 29th Comic Reel Wrap


The trailer Marvel showed at ShoWest and Wizard World Long Beach is now available at the official site in the "Doom Archives."


Toon Zone packs on the spoilers in two reviews of the first two episodes of Season Two, which are available in Canada but not in the continental US.


Harry Knowles over at Ain't It Cool News has a huge scoop on the new "Spider-Man" film. "Multiple spies at Sony have confirmed that Thomas Hayden Church will indeed be playing SANDMAN."


According to the Los Angeles Times, the budget for the Alan Moore adaptation may be in jeopardy. " In the interim, DeLine's possible departure could endanger some high-profile projects at Paramount. Last week, he was in London to urge the director and producers of the studio's superhero action thriller 'The Watchmen' to cut back the film's $100-million-plus budget so it could get the greenlight for production, sources said. As those negotiations continue, it is unclear now which Paramount executive will be doing the talking."

Meanwhile, they're reviewing David Hatyer's script over at CHUD: "Hayter's script hits all the character, story and action beats of the graphic novel, while keeping most of the thematic elements intact (there's just no reasonable way to include the pirate comics, and they don't even make sense in a film as the comic is a deconstruction of the medium that you're reading at the moment -- it's a meta thing. Anyway, while a marketplace dominated by non-superhero books hasn't happened since the mid 80, [sic] it seems more plausible as manga changes the look of the comic book store). Lifting dialogue and scenes directly from the original, Hayter's script is a perfect roadmap for a director with the vision to fill in the blanks and create a vibrant and realistic world around these characters."


The team over at Devoted to Smallville has scans of new articles featuring the cast, including Tom Welling in the Brazilian periodical Sci Fi and Terence Stamp in Xpose magazine.


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