• 10 Heroes You Wouldn’t Think Are Smarter Than Reed Richards (But Actually Are)

    The title of "Smartest Person in the Marvel Universe" changes so often, we don't even know why we bother any more. One minute, it's allegedly Tony Stark, then Hank Pym gets dubbed the "Scientist Supreme" the next. Years later, Amadeus Cho debuts and allegedly has a computer for a brain. Oh, how we yearn for the simpler days when Reed Richards was largely agreed to be Marvel's best and brightest.

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    Nevertheless, we try to be as objective as possible when ranking characters around here. Reed Richards may have once been Marvel's all-but-undisputed brainiac in the past, but there are at least ten other characters whose feats outshine Reed's. Let's meet some of them!

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    Amadeus Cho

    Well, we name-dropped this guy in the intro, so we might as well compare him to Reed Richards first. Now that we think about it, we misspoke earlier - Amadeus has a 'hyper computer' for a brain, not a measly Mac or anything like that!

    Cho is so smart that he can beat foes by essentially mathing them to death! Amadeus also found a way to give himself Hulk powers while still retaining his charming personality. According to Ajak, Cho is more intelligent than 99.999999993% of Earth's population - potentially including Reed Richards!

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    Quintavius Quire
    Kid Omega Quentin Quire

    Some might argue that we're cheating by including Quintavius Quire in this article; after all, Reed Richards isn't an Omega-Level telepath, but Kid Omega is! We'd like to counter that claim, though: QQ's genius isn't a by-product of his mutant powers. The boy's naturally that smart.

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    Out of all of Kid Omega's feats, we'd say his most impressive (and brutal) involves making a special helmet for Professor X. QQ reverse-engineered the tech that Magneto uses in his helmets, then placed it on Charles Xavier - nullifying Prof. X's powers.

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    Riri Williams

    Now that Tony Stark is gone, the MCU will likely need someone new to take up the Iron Man mantle. Riri Williams is one of the top candidates - only she'd call herself Ironheart if she took the position. At just fifteen years old, Williams made a suit based on Tony Stark's technology!

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    Before that, by the time she was eleven, she gained admittance into MIT! In truth, Riri's got a ton of impressive feats to her name that put most of Marvels super-geniuses to shame. What makes Riri so incredible is her humility - even Reed Richards has let his intellect go to his ego, often with disastrous results.

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  • 7 / 10
    Hank McCoy

    When you hear the name Hank McCoy, you probably think of a big, blue yeti-like creature with glasses. McCoy is much more than a man in Beast's clothing, though - he's one of the smartest heroes in New York City! Though Beast's lab maybe second to Reed Richard's, his feats certainly aren't.

    For starters, Hank McCoy cures viruses like it's a hobby - the Legacy Virus of particular note. Moreover, Beast has built devices that can hold the Phoenix captive, allow users to interact with the future, and destroy Ego the Living Planet! In contrast, Reed Richard's best inventions tend to fail when people need them most - looking at you Ultimate Nullifier!

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  • 6 / 10

    By now, we all know that the Black Panther is one of the wealthiest heroes in the Marvel Universe. However, T'Challa might very well lose his riches if he spends his money foolishly. That won't ever happen, though, as T'Challa's also one of the wisest heroes in the MCU - with the track record to prove it.

    Many of the suits, weapons, and vehicles that the Black Panther uses were created or modified by T'Challa. The Black Panther also created a new branch of science called Shadow Physics - something T'Challa had to use to beat Reed Richard's rival, Doctor Doom!

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    Tony Stark

    Dude, we're talking about Tony Stark here! Do we genuinely need to whip out a laundry list of feats for folks to understand how smart he is? Tony spends most of the day flying around in a nigh-invincible testament to his genius - as he's done for several decades!

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    Pick any one of Tony's suits, and we'll tell you how inmpossibly advanced hey are. Stark's also managed to create armors that counter impossibly powerful foes like the Hulk, Thor, and Fin Fang Foom! We don't see Reed Richards flying around in an armored exoskeleton - not even when his arch enemy does.

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    Bruce Banner

    For decades, most of us thought that Bruce Banner kept us safe from the Hulk. But as the years went on, evidence of the contrary came to light. The Hulk might be a giant green rage monster, but he only lashes out when attacked - mostly wishing to be left alone.

    Bruce Banner, on the other hand, is a borderline mad-scientist - he can create an entire arsenal of weapons, including many that utilize gamma radiation! Banner's so smart, they had to make a new IQ system for his sake.

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    Hank Pym

    Hank Pym is undoubtedly smart, but he may be too intelligent for his own good. Sure, Pym pioneered Pym Particles and invented the Ant-man suit. However, he also built Ultron from the ground up - cursing the world with one of its deadliest machines!

    These days, Hank Pym and Ultron are one - further amplifying Pym's already staggering intellect. Ultron Pym genuinely has the mind of a supercomputer - allowing him to compute complex problems almost instantly.

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    Stephen Strange

    Well, Strange is legitimately a doctor - he's got the degrees to prove it! Stephen's feats mostly center around magic, causing some to discredit his mental prowess, but you have to be pretty smart to memorize thousands of spells and incantations properly. Look at things from this perspective - Strange studies magic the same way that Reed Richards practices physics.

    However, Strange is the world's foremost expert in his field - no-one surpasses his knowledge or mastery over the arcane. Doctor Strange also routinely outsmarts demigods and demons, as well as beings older than time and space!

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    Susan Storm

    Oh, we're not joking - we genuinely think that Susan Storm is smarter than Reed Richards. Mister Fantastic might be book smart, but his street smarts aren't up to snuff. Reed's gotten into plenty of trouble thanks to that big brain of his - and Sue usually has to bail him out.

    The Invisible Woman also never started a war with the Hulk or willingly endangered the life of her son. Reed, on the other hand, constantly finds ways to cause trouble due to his hubris.

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