Fantastic Four, Superman, Static Shock: October 19th Comic Reel Wrap


Ooh, is that more photos of Michael Chiklis as The Thing? Hollywood North Report has 'em ready for you. Meanwhile, the team at Superhero Hype has an in-depth interview with bigwigs Tim Story and Avi Arad, as well as actors Julian McMahon, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba (plus a shot of the Von Doom Industries logo to boot). They discuss being awed at the massive Brooklyn Bridge set, dealing with makeup and suits, bringing in John Ottman for the score and some details about Doom's metallic visage.


Also according to Superhero Hype, director Bryan Singer had a screening of his classic "The Usual Suspects" at USC and had more to say about his efforts on the once-beleaguered Warner Brothers production, including costuming and special effects. "He talked about the suit and what it is going to look like. He said it will be very traditional, but that it will take advantage of the things that were learned on Spiderman. He said that spandex tends to remove definition from someone's build, and that they are going to have to shade the costume to add the effect that the actor is more toned than he really is." Apparently this film picks up at a point when Superman has been missing for six years, and uses the first two "Superman" films as "a vague history" and still hopes to insert a CGI version of Christopher Reeve as a cameo.

Meanwhile, JoBlo claims to have a scoop on the casting of Lois Lane, saying that "Lost" actress Evangeline Lilly is the lead contender.

Also, Patrick Stewart briefly talked about the film with Space View, but apparently did so in German, so best of luck deciphering that.

Finally, writer Dan Harris told Photoblog, "This new Superman film will not be some crazy reworking of the legend as had been rumored. He said it will be similar in tone to the first two Superman films and will basically 'pick up' where Superman 2 left off (the best of the series, I might add!!) He hinted that even Terrence Stamp, who played General Zod so terrifyingly well in the first two Superman films, 'figures' into this new Superman film." To follow up on this, Moviehole talked to Jack O'Halloran, the actor who played Non in Zod's villainous trio, who said, "it has been discussed, but at the moment, there's nothing much to report. 'They keep talking about it and have been for several years. There was talk of bringing the villains back but we'll see. If they had something to for us to do, yes I would do it. It would be fun.'"


Speaking of all things Kryptonian, our pals over at Kryptonsite have a fresh rumor about another character from past seasons making a dramatic return.


Moviehole also notes that the UK Teletext alleges Paul W.S. Anderson is up for writing duties on the next "Alien" movie. Anderson has apparently been asked by FOX to pen a story about the creatures on their own, sans Predators. It's still not known whether he will write Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) into the story.


According to Comics Continuum, "Cartoon Network is adding even more Static Shock to its lineup. Beginning Monday, the series, based on the Milestone character, will also air Mondays-Fridays at 6 p.m."


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